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thanks for the clarification, it makes a lot of sense. It just caught my attention and I was afraid that something in the EULA changed.

As for the account and points... what I don't understand is the need to change everything to an adobe account? I'm not really excited about the idea of having an adobe account... let us know how it fits in. I just hope I don't lose all those points....

there is something that is bugging me a little bit. Previously, when I spent one of the points, the label "owned" appeared on the substance I acquired... now the label "licensed" appears. you will take me for a very cautious person, but coming from a company like adobe, you have to be very careful with this kind of changes. Legally, what can this change mean? Because owning something is not the same as having it licensed.

on the other hand, i have right now more than 700 unspent points, I'm not a person who downloads everything i see, but i use points as i need them for one thing or another... the thing is that until now I've been very happy with my allegorithmic account without having a specific adobe account. It seems that right now they give us one year (ONE YEAR!!!!) of access to those points. And that some eligible people, will be notified when they can transfer those points to their adobe account.

The thing is, from what I understand, you give me a year to spend something I paid for, or else... I'm out of it. And that if "I am eligible" you very kindly give me the option of having to create an adobe account so I can continue to have access to it. Is this correct?

Even though my first reaction was like...

I´m sure there will be plenty of time before adobe converts substance in a crappy CC app. Until that happens, let´s enjoy this marvelous piece of soft that everyone loves.


WTF!? I was really interested in getting a 3dcoat pro license, but.... dafuq did i just read!?

That is old news, I still have mine and lots of people and students use it. I went to UCF with over 60 thousand students. Look at Artstation. People use it because they have the best painterly style software out there but Substance is known for realism.

It really is a great program.

yeah, Iknow it´s a great program. I´ve downloaded the tryal version in the past and I think it´s more user friendly than zbrush (my own personal preference....) but I didn´t know about their... uhm, spiritual restrictions over the software.

Anyways , back to substance. We´see how is this evolving and let´s hope the best.



WTF!? I was really interested in getting a 3dcoat pro license, but.... dafuq did i just read!?

Hi Everyone,

Just wanted to chime in as well and help to answer your questions. Please forgive me if I am stating anything that has already been said. Let me begin by saying I completely understand if you are disappointed, upset or just angry. It's totally OK to feel angry and express that to us. I want you to know that we are hearing your feedback. We always listen and take seriously feedback whether it is good or bad. Feedback from users is vital to us and that will never change. I want to speak to you all as well as you are an awesome community and I don't want anyone here to feel betrayed or worried. I've gotten to know many people in this community over the years and you are all very dear to me.   

Please allow me to provide some context into why this is happening. I understand if you don't want to hear this. I know that what I am saying at this time will come off as cheap talk or PR speak. That is totally understandable and to be honest, I would probably feel the same.

First, let me say that we did not sell out to Adobe. In order for us to operate as a company, we needed to have investors and Adobe has been an investor in Allegorithmic for a few years now. I tell you this to illustrate the point that this was not a snap decision.

Allegorithmic has been successful, but to fully realize our vision to build new innovative tools, we needed to grow. We choose to join Adobe because it presented us with a unique opportunity to lead Adobe’s 3D initiatives, and to help take them to the next level.  To accomplish this, Adobe is building an expanded team to focus on opportunities in 3D and immersive design. Allegorithmic is this team and our CEO, Sébastien Deguy, is now Vice President, 3D & Immersive.

Here is the key difference. This was not just an acquisition, where Substance is being absorbed and later discarded as we have sadly seen happen many times in this industry. This was an acquisition to bring the entire Allegorithmic team and Substance toolset on board to lead a new 3D initiative within Adobe. We are in charge of this initiative. And this is a very unique opportunity for us to grow and yet retain everything that we are. That opportunity is extremely rare. It's nonexistent in fact anywhere else. This is the only reason we would agree to this deal with Adobe. We love our team and we love our users. 

As I said above, I don't expect this to make you feel any better. I mean, of course I would say this stuff, I work here right? I'm not asking anyone to believe me or take my word for it. All I ask is for you to just watch what we do. Our actions are what will speak. We have a lot to prove now and the Substance team is up for the challenge to prove it.

You had faith in us before. I am just asking you to please try and have faith in us now. I know that is a lot to ask today. Watch what we do and judge us by our actions and not solely by this announcement. Answers are coming. 

All I can do today is just be real with you. And so with all that said, what do I really think?

Well, yeah, sure I'm scared. This is a huge change and new chapter for all of us. It's human to be scared of change. I don't have all the answers and I don't know what tomorrow brings. But here is what I know...

I work with the smartest and greatest team in this world. They are not just my co-workers. They are my friends and my family. I love everyone at Allegorithmic dearly. I have known Sébastien for a long time and he has always put the team first over himself. Every single time. He is passionate about what he has created and he loves this community.

I believe in Sébastien and I trust him 100%. As I said, I don't have all the answers today and I don't know all the changes that are coming, but I know that I am with my Substance family. We are still together and we will go through this new adventure the same way we do everything: together as a team.

With Love,


You know...  I trust you guys. I don´t trust adobe, but I trust you and I respect everything you´ve done. I´m renewing my sub, and in the future, we will see. I can´t wait to see the new alchemist and the option to paint through texture sets in painter.


We will make sure everybody gets a fair transition/exit if needed, yes.

So, come to CC subs model or bye bye. I really want to be wrong with this....

This thread

We're all for listening to feedback and discussing with you but for the love of the holy spaghetti monster, please stop predicting a future we know much more about than you do.

All will be cleared up in due time and your fears will be defused.

Let me predict this.... Creative Cloud.

I think most of us don´t like that business model.

the rest of the story, I´m pretty sure that new and exciting things are yet to come from you, guys. Too bad it´s gonna be under the creative cloud, from which I fled as of the plague  :-\

One of the worst companies on Earth, congratulations on throwing yourself away. Time to learn Mari.

yeah, cuz the foundry is way better than adobe...

This hurts me in so many ways... I made my substance live perpetual some time ago, I was just about to renew the suscription once more..... and now I don´t know what to do. Should I? or not? What the hell guys? If all of us, the users, the fans of allegorithmic philosophy, the EPIC customer service are worried, or sad, or angry...

No big news here.

I´m having the same issue. I can´t login in substance source.

I have the very same problem. Any idea what´s going on?

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