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there is something that is bugging me a little bit. Previously, when I spent one of the points, the label "owned" appeared on the substance I acquired... now the label "licensed" appears. you will take me for a very cautious person, but coming from a company like adobe, you have to be very careful with this kind of changes. Legally, what can this change mean? Because owning something is not the same as having it licensed.

on the other hand, i have right now more than 700 unspent points, I'm not a person who downloads everything i see, but i use points as i need them for one thing or another... the thing is that until now I've been very happy with my allegorithmic account without having a specific adobe account. It seems that right now they give us one year (ONE YEAR!!!!) of access to those points. And that some eligible people, will be notified when they can transfer those points to their adobe account.

The thing is, from what I understand, you give me a year to spend something I paid for, or else... I'm out of it. And that if "I am eligible" you very kindly give me the option of having to create an adobe account so I can continue to have access to it. Is this correct?

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