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Hiya, I can't seem to deactivate the specular channel in the 3d view. In the document settings I removed the metallic layer but my model still looks like shiny plastic.

Is there a trick to disabling this? Thanks :)

Hey Guys,

Thanks for the Welcome Wes. Your videos are a big help! I'm intrigued by the remapping options down the line. Is it possible that say I work certain polygons more than others, that I can create a UV map inside Painter that has more space for more detailed polygons, and less space for areas I havent worked?
Despite this having a lot of squarish sides, its actually not at all easy to automatically UV. Well it is, but I hink the UV map speaks for itself. So ideally I can work the edges, and create larger UV spaces for worked areas, and less space for unworked areas? Is that possible?

Edit: This is just the Pyramid base btw

Greets! -Unity artist/ Painter new user here. This is the model I am going to use to try and learn SP. Any tips before I start? First question: Is an auto-UV-Layout a suitable way to save this file for import to painter? I'll hit the tutorials prett y hard for the next couple of days but wanted to make a first post. Hopefully this is a fun learning experience..

Thanks :)

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