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I "reset all" and got myself a black cube. Upping the ambient makes the black grey, but theres no appearance of the red diffuse which is applied.

Sorry I went through all those suggestions with no luck. Theres ambient light, Light 0 and light 1 and bumping up the brightness of all doesnt bring out the diffuse colour.


Hi guys thanks for getting back to me. I dropped the file parent resolution down to 128 with no luck. PBR works (even up to 2048x) but PBR_Gloss/spec doesn't work at all. I can't even tell what PBR's "supposed" to look like so even though that "works" maybe it doesn't? These problems are just way too confusing for me to try and figure out. I give up. I'll have to go back to using photoshop to make textures by hand. I might try using my windows laptop although again I cant tell if its working as expected. Way too much time wasted here. Cheers.

Well I can run numerous bumped spec shaders in Unity so running a bumped diffuse shader doesn't seem to be asking too much.

Any advice on selecting an older build of SD would be appreciated. I assume these shaders worked in versions 1 2 or 3 on such a card? theres got to be some combo of SD and my gfx card that works for relief shaders surely? Bumpmaps/normal maps are not new tech..

Thanks for your perspective though, I have taken it on board.

Still broken Wes. Almost at the 3 month mark now.

So this has been raised before and is still not fixed. The relief shader doesnt work on

  Model Name:   iMac
  Model Identifier:   iMac10,1
  Processor Name:   Intel Core 2 Duo
  Processor Speed:   3.06 GHz

  Chipset Model:   NVIDIA GeForce 9400
  Type:   GPU
  Bus:   PCI
  VRAM (Total):   256 MB
  Vendor:   NVIDIA (0x10de)
  Device ID:   0x0869
  Revision ID:   0x00b1
  ROM Revision:   3454

Hopefully it can be fixed one day because its hard to use standard shading on software that doesn't render it. This is an old issue.


Oh dear I posted this in the Painter section of the forum rather than Designer. Whoops!

Hi Jeremie.

There wasn't really an issue here as such, I was just trying to figure out whats actually happening when we set our graph at high or low resolution - there was a video somewhere that showed Bitmaps at full res, Absolute I think and the whole graph was much lower resolution. I don't really understand how you can have full res bitmaps yet still clip their resolution on the whole document, and I was hoping to find out more about resolutions. IE is the graph master resolution the equivalent of the Unity import settings where we'd set the size of bitmaps?

Another question, if my bitmaps 1024 and my Graph is 4096, will the 1024 tile or stretch?


Here we go Wes:

NVIDIA GeForce 9400:

  Chipset Model:   NVIDIA GeForce 9400
  Type:   GPU
  Bus:   PCI
  VRAM (Total):   256 MB
  Vendor:   NVIDIA (0x10de)
  Device ID:   0x0869
  Revision ID:   0x00b1
  ROM Revision:   3454
  Resolution:   1920 x 1080
  Pixel Depth:   32-Bit Color (ARGB8888)
  Main Display:   Yes
  Mirror:   Off
  Online:   Yes
  Built-In:   Yes
Display Connector:
  Status:   No Display Connected

Also I made a brand new default graph, added a normal colour and two uniform colours and reset everything in the 3d view and made sure I'd clicked the display graph on model option.. and it was still like this? so I guess its my setup.. its the late 2009 imac.

Thats the relief shader

Hi there, I thought this was a usage issue on my part for a bit but now I'm not so sure. I'm pretty sure I cannot get any diffuse texture to render on the Relief shader, nor the blinn shader, & physically spec_gloss. On my Mac it always seems to be black.. the physically based shader seems to work, the lambert, not the others.

Have tried switching engines and no luck. Have checked my diffuse is 8Bit..

The chipset is NVIDIA GeForce 9400 (256mb vram)
Its a 3.06GHtz cpu
OSX 10.6.8
8GB ram

Thanks for any advice!

Hi Wes, I'm on the other side of being completely new to this so have managed to get many substances into Unity. Loving the pipeline to be honest.

Wes:"The publish error window is only showing warnings. You can ignore what you see in that window. However, there is another error. Can you try going to Window>Console and opening the console before publishing. This console should give us the error causing the publish to fail. "

Sorry I just churned out a lot of cookups and eventually got there. The warnings however were also producing a zero kb file, so that was actually a showstopper, but following your advice I got where I needed to go.

Wes : *Error could be: "There are embedded bitmaps set to 4K resolution or many embedded bitmaps with their format set to RAW."

Ok so I've managed to cook with 4K texture bitmaps, but you advise against doing so? Sometimes it will work, sometimes not? I found switching all non-normal maps to Jpeg compression allowed me to cook. Under the Jpeg /raw option theres a compression quality thats by default set to minimum. Should that be ramped up to maximum? Is it relevant?

Thanks for any further advice.

Thanks Jeremie, after a bit of diving in I soon got the gist of things. Good times!

Were these also available for those who purchased the bundle via the Unity Asset Store?


SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: Differences SD vs. SP
 on: June 25, 2014, 12:41:57 am 
I asked myself this a couple of weeks ago. SD at now version 4 is a very mature product and has come a long way since MapZone. In other words its a very solid product. Its nodal system and masking abilities (allowing the appearance of layered textures) is extremely powerful. Its kind of the core of the Allegorithmic suite.

Painter adds new abilities to the pipeline but it by no means replaces them. Its also still in Beta, so has nowhere near as much roadtesting as SD. I guess Painter is a kid with a bright future whereas Designer is a mature proven app.

I brought the bundle recently thinking I'd do most of the work in Painter but after learning the SD ropes I didn't even really use painter.

The right tool for the right job and you can't go wrong. Give the demos a spin?

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