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Would have been great to sell to Unity instead.

Bring back MapZone...

There's no upgrade path from legacy license to current perpetual license so really I think it's actually the end of the line in terms of our customer/supplier relationship.

Well done you guys on creating a fantastic product. It had a great run.
Sad end tho.

Interesting it's been described as a Peter Jackson moment.

He exploited workers, eroded workers rights, imported people from outside NZ and ignored skilled locals.
Animals died on his sets, he took no responsibility and somehow became a knight after turning someone elses story into film.

Just ask anyone who worked on his movies if they'd do it again.

"This is GREAT NEWS!!!"

-No-one ever

People will likely quit Allegorithmic on principal. Adobe is a notorious, shocking, unethical company.
I for one won't touch their products anymore. Too many expensive licenses rendered worthless in their quest for greed.

This is why people pirate software.

Hi so I have 4-5 layers
When I assign a texture to the base colour component it changes all of them?
I cant seem to have different textures on different layers.

User error? Suggestions?

A simplified version would be, I have a bitmap with three colours on it, I want to import that and then create three fill layers in Painter. I want to then sample my imported image somehow (using an eyedropper to store a value in a swatch) getting all three colours and applying them to the three layers base colour

EDIT: Think I figured it out, you have to click and hold the eyedropper. Unfortuntely the thumbnail's still a bit on the small side but this is workable


I have a case where I am turning a 2d character into 3d.
The character has a number of blotchy colours and I am wondering how best to paint with these colours in Painter.
I started exporting 128x bitmaps with solid sampled colours from photoshop,

But can I import the sprite image .png and use a colour picker to set the solid colour parameter on a layer by layer basis in Painter? I can import the image of course but cant seem to get the painter eyedropper to sample my sprite image.

User error? Workflow suggestions?

Thanks for the great app and previous advice!

HI I have a workflow question for Painter and I guess SD too..Its more a general modelling question tho

Should I always have 100% unique UV's or is reusing the same UV space normal and accepted practice?

EG I know unique UV's are great for painting purposes, but Im in the process of adding heaps of teeth to a low poly dragon so do I texture a map for just one single tooth or every tooth?
The obvious thing being every unique UV uses valuable finite space on the overall map.

So is peoples advice
100% Unique UV's all the way (perhaps also for lighting /shading purposes)
is it ok to tile things up in painter>unity workflows where there are normal maps etc?

Thanks :)

nothing pisses off an artist off more than an app crash taking work with it.

Can someone please tell me how to enable auto-save in SP?

Auto-save is crucial. Thanks

Ah! Brilliant thanks!


I have two fill layers with bump and normal maps, and I intend masking the top one to create a blend of materials.

What I notice though is that when the top layer is fully intact, I still see the bump/height effects from the next layer down? I would expect a fully intact fill layer would cancel out all the effects of a layer below it? Is this not the case?


Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Technical Support - Re: Very crashy
 on: April 12, 2017, 11:35:03 am 
Nevermind it seems to be running stable now. Unsure of earlier issue.

Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Technical Support - Very crashy
 on: April 12, 2017, 04:43:06 am 
Hi I updated to 6.0.2 yesterday on that rent to buy subscription plan.
But I find the app rather unstable? I start it up and am straight into the realm of not-responding.

Windows 10, Intel Core i5 64Bit 8GB ram

Any suggestions?

Hi I'm finding V 1.7 Painter is not giving me anything other than black texture outputs.. Is there a likely error I'm making?


Hi Epi,

Thanks, but this only applies to fill layers. What i want is to transform all kinds of layers; paint-layers, masks. generators, etc.

I'm seeking this in 1.x also. Is it now available in 2.x?


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