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Ok we don't hate Allegorithmic, it's a darn amazing software suite. We have been using it since forever and taught it at the College we worked for for 5 years, and were learning partners with Allegorithmic. I know staff are saying the licensing models aren't going to change and we hope that's true, however could someone please explain this. This is what could be causing the outpouring. This is an exert from the link I sent around page 22 of this Forum coming from Adobe themselves mentioning adding it to The Cloud:

The addition of Allegorithmic furthers our expansion of Creative Cloud into 3D content design. A little over a year ago, we introduced Adobe Dimension, which allows creatives to compose and render three-dimensional product mockups, packaging designs, and more. This fall, we previewed Project Aero, a powerful augmented reality authoring tool that takes much of the technical complexity out of creating immersive experiences.

With this acquisition, Creative Cloud will benefit from Allegorithmic tools that are already helping top gaming, entertainment, retail, and other brands create the textures and materials that give 3D content detail and realism. Allegorithmic’s Substance family of tools are used in the vast majority of AAA games, including Call of Duty, Assassin’s Creed, and Forza. They’re increasingly being used for visual effects and animation in entertainment, including in award-winning, popular movies like Blade Runner 2049, Pacific Rim Uprising, and Tomb Raider. And they’re being adopted in the fields of design, product visualization, retail and marketing, architecture, and manufacturing, where 3D content is transforming traditional workflows into fully digital ones.

My husband and I were actually using this when it was MapZone and it has become an integral part of our pipeline and we're in the process of setting up another Studio's pipeline which was going to incorporate we're not sure as they themselves are trying to move away from The Cloud due to costs. Maybe another statement release clarifying Allegorithmic's position on licensing is in order??


I just found this in the Adobe site so fears for being in the cloud.....looks like it will happen:
Very very very sad.  :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'(

Good Morning guys.....just found this news out and very devastated. I myself have a perpetual license but shattered to hear this news. We abandoned Adobe due to the costs. We use a program which has been around a very long time and can still use PDF and PSD's etc but I think the costs these companies charge for subscription is far too high. Sure have perpetual license and then if you need updates after the fact have a smaller price just for that update. Allow the person to decide if they need to keep on a plan or not. This goes for Autodesk. Don't get me started on Maya which is what we use but have switched to Modo instead because they have a perpetual license option. Don't let this suite commit suicide. Adobe, Autodesk really need to start putting in Perpetual Plans as this is why people everywhere are pulling out of these's just outrageously expensive and for the little guy trying to start out it's out of their reach so they won't be able to learn current technology. I'm a Technical Artist and I also teach and so keeping current and I know how important it is for future students to keep current.....just hope Adobe put in a perpetual option. If this joins the cloud, we're out of here....which is very very sad  :'(

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