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Hi so I have 4-5 layers
When I assign a texture to the base colour component it changes all of them?
I cant seem to have different textures on different layers.

User error? Suggestions?


I have a case where I am turning a 2d character into 3d.
The character has a number of blotchy colours and I am wondering how best to paint with these colours in Painter.
I started exporting 128x bitmaps with solid sampled colours from photoshop,

But can I import the sprite image .png and use a colour picker to set the solid colour parameter on a layer by layer basis in Painter? I can import the image of course but cant seem to get the painter eyedropper to sample my sprite image.

User error? Workflow suggestions?

Thanks for the great app and previous advice!

HI I have a workflow question for Painter and I guess SD too..Its more a general modelling question tho

Should I always have 100% unique UV's or is reusing the same UV space normal and accepted practice?

EG I know unique UV's are great for painting purposes, but Im in the process of adding heaps of teeth to a low poly dragon so do I texture a map for just one single tooth or every tooth?
The obvious thing being every unique UV uses valuable finite space on the overall map.

So is peoples advice
100% Unique UV's all the way (perhaps also for lighting /shading purposes)
is it ok to tile things up in painter>unity workflows where there are normal maps etc?

Thanks :)

nothing pisses off an artist off more than an app crash taking work with it.

Can someone please tell me how to enable auto-save in SP?

Auto-save is crucial. Thanks


I have two fill layers with bump and normal maps, and I intend masking the top one to create a blend of materials.

What I notice though is that when the top layer is fully intact, I still see the bump/height effects from the next layer down? I would expect a fully intact fill layer would cancel out all the effects of a layer below it? Is this not the case?


Substance DesignerSubstance Designer - Technical Support - Very crashy
 on: April 12, 2017, 04:43:06 am 
Hi I updated to 6.0.2 yesterday on that rent to buy subscription plan.
But I find the app rather unstable? I start it up and am straight into the realm of not-responding.

Windows 10, Intel Core i5 64Bit 8GB ram

Any suggestions?

Hi I'm finding V 1.7 Painter is not giving me anything other than black texture outputs.. Is there a likely error I'm making?


Hi there, is there a way I can reset the viewport camera?
Ideally I need an unadulterated, perfect front of view of my model (ortho would be even better)

Possible or no? I can't seem to find any option.



If you're selecting polygons, is there a way to only select those that are visible? I am selecting the ones I want but also random ones on the other side of my model inadvertently


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Rotate Lighting?
 on: March 09, 2016, 09:34:37 am 

I have updated and found I cannot rotate the environment lighting anymore.
ctrl+shift+RMB was suggested here recently but that still has no effect on my Win8.1 install of Substance Painter 1.7.3.

Any tips? Cheers.

Hi is there a way to disable tool tips? I'm using in an low res environment using a tv as a monitor and its all going fine but the tooltips are huge and spam up my screen wherever the mouse goes. Can I get rid of them? It would be nice.


I'm pleased to advise one of my assets is now available in the Unity Asset Store.!/content/22768

"An ancient tomb, weathered and worn from centuries of facing the elements.

Suitable for a desert shoot'em up, a fantasy treasure stash or your very own action game. Lots of detail, 4K textures. 21K Tri's. Also usable as just the pyramid shape, or just the tomb."

The texturing was done with Substance Designer, but as I am a Substance Indie licenseholder, they are rendered out in high res bitmaps (PNG's).

Thanks for reading, enjoy your work!


This attachment shows the UV layout I have for the internal walls of a building. Now historically theres a few ways I could do this:

1. separate different sections and have a 1024 tiling wallpaper texture for just those bits, the same (creating a new material) with a tiling wood texture for those bits, and so on. (Downside, multiple objects, multiple materials)

2. Have the above two textures and two more on a single 2048 with each quarter assigned a different texture, and squeeze in each uv island into its appropriate area (this would result in a single material in the end, single object)

3. Using designer, and I want to use things like edge detection and AO, where I would have the shown UV layout, but the downside is my textures would per surface, be lower resolution..right? (single material, single object)

So this is the thing I don't quite follow. It seems to me the SD workflow needs unique UV's (as pictured) rather than the more traditional efficient approaches used in 1&2 above. Is that right? Do I understand this correctly? Unique UV's required to use the cool SD features (and living with the lower resolution outcomes?). I do hope to sell assets, and the Indie license prohibits me from onselling substances, I can only sell bitmaps.

It would be good to hear from experienced users how they would go about working with such an "internal wall" type setup as shown. Thanks heaps!


Hiya, on startup, (latest download version from my account) theres text in red in the log section that says Intel R HD Graphics is outdated... and lists what is installed and what I should install.

1. I have switched my laptop to use the GeForce Graphics settings so Painter shouldn't even be using the integrated graphics?
2. I hunted down that latest driver, installed it and yet its still giving me this message?


So this has been raised before and is still not fixed. The relief shader doesnt work on

  Model Name:   iMac
  Model Identifier:   iMac10,1
  Processor Name:   Intel Core 2 Duo
  Processor Speed:   3.06 GHz

  Chipset Model:   NVIDIA GeForce 9400
  Type:   GPU
  Bus:   PCI
  VRAM (Total):   256 MB
  Vendor:   NVIDIA (0x10de)
  Device ID:   0x0869
  Revision ID:   0x00b1
  ROM Revision:   3454

Hopefully it can be fixed one day because its hard to use standard shading on software that doesn't render it. This is an old issue.


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