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If I would subscribe now for the yearly plan, does that still include the offer to convert the licenses to perpetual when it ends?


I made two materials to test out Alchemist. One is made off a custom bitmap, the other is a mix of stock materials that were avaible. Fun program!

Thanks for the response.

Will Alchemist also be a part of the perpetual license package that you can buy after 12 months?


Im interested in a perpetual license for Substance Painter. I've read that it's possible to own perpetual licenses for the full package ( Assuming Painter, Designer, B2M?) if you subscribe for atleast 12 months + the additional 49 dollar fee.

Alchemist is still in development, but is eventually going to replace B2M. Will Alchemist be included if I decide to go with the subscription option instead?

Also, how does the update maintenance work if I decide to buy the full package license after 12 months? Do I have to pay 75 dollar per program or does this update the full package?

Thanks in advance.

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