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VFX/animation or gaming? Your approach varies based on this (single vs multiple UDIMs).

VFX, so as you said, multiple UDIMs, high polycount. Thanks for the input, I will most likely post some more specific questions once I get to the actual development

Thanks for answer! I will be developing a SAT pipeline for our studio and I am trying to figure out what would be the best approach. The main purpose of it would be creating textures for our 3d assets, involving baking mesh maps, assigning materials based on color ID and finally rendering the textures.
From what I read, SAT baker is not able to cache 3d geometry between tasks which could make baking pretty time consuming, so I am thinking about the option of doing the baking in Designer and continuing with SAT from there..

I would also like to decide what is the better solution for material assignment - having a huge graph with all possible materials from our library and feeding just the color ID map to blend between them, OR picking just the IDs for the current geometry and build the specific graph for each geo procedurally from there.

I would very much appreciate your feedback on this.

And one more thing, not sure if it's a real issue or just the outdated documentation, but SD API is said to be compatible with python 3.6, while SAT works with python 2.7/3.5

Hey, I was wondering if it's possible to code SAT application (for baking, material assignment, rendering textures) as a plugin for substance designer, meaning if I can use the benefits of both SAT and SD api. Or is it more common/better to have a standalone SAT solution?

I have the same issue with the latest SAT and SD. I already tried and included the default SAT package path and also the SD package path while calling the sbscooker, but to no avail. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

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