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Hey gonzamancg,

Substance Designer will still be improved as much as Substance Painter gets updates.

Best Regards

Hey atomicFunkdog,

this is not possible right now. You can just specify a colour or grey scale input, not both for the same input.

Best Regards

Hey Alex Kenyon,

awesome work, I always wanted to do a Height Blend, too, but you came first :P
Great work, but it may fit in the Tutorial section more, I think? Or the Showcase Section.
I can move the topic for you, if you like.

Best Regards

Hey atomicFunkdog,

the format options in the output nodes are just for the Host Engine to receive those info and convert maps automatically, for instance. You do not change any outputs when setting those values.

Substance Designer is a bit like 'what you see is what you get'. What you feed into the Outout node is what you'll get in the end.
To change the bit depth, for instance, you'd need to change it in the last node before the output.

Best Regards

Hey caponeart,

tiling just works with 45 degree angles, all other angles do not work.
That means you need to rotate 45, 90, 135, 180 and so on degrees.

Best Regards

Hey WalterSulivan,

I'll move that to the feature request section.

Right now you can just type in .2 (point two) to get 0.2 as a value.

Best Regards

Hey NikhilSP,

it looks like the baked maps are actually black, you should rebake with a proper setup.

Best Regards

Hey WalterSulivan,

the image is not streched, like micha2008 already told you.
The textures are recomputed.

Best Regards

Hey WalterSulivan,

save as much computation power as you can. Even when you render a still image, more polygons mean logner time.
When the look does not improve significantly using a high-res mesh, compared to a mid-res with normal maps, then you shouldn't use it.

Best Regards

Hey tomh789,

you graphics cards capabilities may be too low, working in 2k should help.

Best Regards

Hey paul.godber,

there is a contact form on the website, you can use this E-Mail address however:

Best Regards

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: The store
 on: July 11, 2016, 02:21:54 pm 
Hey Mithril,

can you contact Allegorithmic directly via E-Mail, please?
They can better help you with license problems via E-Mail.

Best Regards

Hey epicvillain,

I think it not has been tested yet and you should always create an extra partition you can run the Beta from.

Best Regards

Hey kevinroberts.wolfe,

I fear this is not possible right now. You need to duplicate the function from the function graph into the other channels.

Best Regards

Hey paradox00,

I moved you topic to the discussion where it fits better :)

Well, I always export the textures, because it better fits my workflow. There were some bug here and there in the past with the Substance integration, too.
There was a time when the normal map, for instance, got a worse quality when imported as a substance, but I don't know how it is handled right now.

Running the Substances in the Engine, however, shouldn't give you too many benefits/drawbacks. It's nice to edit them directly in the engine without the need to re-import them, but on the other hand you'd need to compile them every time and deal with the extra-files.

Try out both and see what better fits your workflow, there is no straight 'Yes' or 'No', as it is with many steps in development. In the end, however, the game should run with the same performance, whether you use Substance or not. The size of the game could be smaller when Substance is used and could be essential when it is a download game.

Best Regards

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