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I cancel my subscription today. But still have till 15 of Mai the old license because miss the date where the money get removed from my card. So theoretically I am still a subscriber.
Had till something like 400 ? points over Substance source which I want to use , but they vanished. Have no points and also no access to my previous contents which was in my assets folder.
As I remember there was a promise that we can use up our points after cancelling the subscription and purchase a full license.
Which I do btw..
Any help would be appreciated.

Many thanks. Very much appreciate your answer.  :)

I would like to keep a bit longer my subscription, at last till you join full the CC. Can you give me the guaranties that in 2-3 months I am still able to buy me out? On 05/05/  my 4th year is full. But than I would like to have my perpetual licence.
You think it will be still possible in 2-3 or 4 months? Or should I go now for the buy out?

It's simple economics, Adobe has 15 million CC users willing to put up with the subscription model. Our small community who supported a company away from Adobe's forced rental system does not really matter in the end really. Even if we all simultaneously quit Substance products right now we are easily replaced by Adobe's Prosumer base at $20 a month.

Since the 1990's, Adobe has been the design company for Graphic and Web designers. It has never been viewed as serious 3D company, and barely a Film/VFX company. Instead of fighting for a 3D spot, maybe they should just merge with Autodesk already and become Adobedesk, the ultra-mega software monopoly that you just can't get away from.
We make an own the tools you need to work, and now you will pay us perpetual rentals to access your own work.

In the same way that no workman would rent his work hammer to work, digital artists should not accept the rental model in its current form. Software as a service is a the new talk of the town on how to milk consumers for cash. In the long run it will not work once every company is only selling rental software services and people realize that the collective they have to pay per month will outpace the pre-paid software licenses they used to own.

Rent-to-own or Perpetual licenses are acceptable and fair models. Most of us are even willing to own a perpetual license and have the consumer choice to subscribe to a major updates system.

This is why your current customer base feels betrayed.

However, it does not justify taking it out on the developers or disrespecting their team no matter how you feel about the process.

Even when Adobe is huge for now. Nothing is carved in stone. The subscription model is very risky for a company.
Imagine a new world wide financial crash (again) ,where little studios, or even bigger ones have to tight their belts.
First thing they look after is how to reduce costs and get ride of subscription models and buy software where they have after no pressure anymore with monthly payment.
Other thing is, my stepson just finished last year his study at the Art University "école de condé" in Nancy.
I talk with many students over there (just out of interest) and what I can tell you is that many dislike Adobe products and did not use them private .The school even suggest them to stay flexible and also try open source and other Software which is not "Industry standard". Times will change. Including for Adobe. New ,young artists become more individual and want to stay independent. The field which Adobe will cover is for new young Artists not from Interest. I hear many times the claims "Adobe CC is a gadget " buggy, bloated up, way to inflexible .I think many will move in another direction than Adobe wants.

I really hope the best for Substance Suit and for the team behind it. I admired them from the first day on I see their Software and still do. And I still trust them that they have best intention. Hope all their dreams become true .
For now I still keep my subscription here, but i will not join Adobe. Not because the Allegorithmic team, because Adobe with his CC which I just simply don't want to see anymore on my PC. (Cost me enough nerves to remove it)


At a time of change, the people at Allegorithmic needed your support but you all let them down.

At this point, I really have serious doubts that the team is in need of our support. They are Adobe now. And Adobe don't need any support from little Indy or hobby artists .
I love to support independent companies with my hard earned money. But not Companies like Adobe/Autodesk who see in me only a cash cow .
You see, I have many Software from little start ups, independent companies. I even don't use all.But I support, I support the Blender nation, now I will support also Quixel,3Dcoat .I have Infinity ,Corel. PSP from Corel, I barerly use it, but i keep upgrading it, just because they are not Adobe.

We would appreciate a minimum of respect, we are engaging with you as much as we can (and working on week ends) if you are not interested in what we have to say or will call us liars, you're welcome to do that elsewhere.

Jeremie I agree. Some posts here are really NOT okay.
Some last words here from me.
As a french, I was really proud of you all. I enjoyed the time with you  ,but here our paths part.
Adobe Cloud is a no go for me. It is not about money, it is about to get forced into something which you don't really want.
I like to stay individual, free of my artistic tools, when ever I want.
You see I used Adobe since PS6 . Than I upgrade to CS2,CS3 and  CS6. I choose this upgrades by my own,without to get forced and it was okay for me .Than I try the CC and get only disappointed.
Now I am Adobe free and will stay like this.
However, I wish you people from Allegorhitmic just the best for your future. Take all care of you and maybe I will see a few of you again in the near future, coming out from the dust with new revolutionary Ideas.  :)

Salut +

The hopeful side of me thinks.... maybe just get the perpetual and wait and see (that's what I am doing)

But if u wanna know painting apps....

Bodypaint (which I own) is a good one
Modo does some texturing (its not as robust as Mari tho, as thats obviously dedicated)

None of those really compare to substance painter exactly tho, and the way it works.

There are prolly more out there... thats just off the top of my head

If u want something similar to PS... check out affinity photo

I have Affinity.Great package and not rental.
Substance Painter and Designer is my absolute fav apps. Love the workflow there and admire the whole team ( still do) .
I really want to trust their promises but than ,there is Adobe which is not really famous for their keeping promises records.
Yes, I will stick with the perpetual for a while and hope something new, equivalent comes out.

I was looking for a replacement over the internet, can somebody recommend me Quixel?

Quixel is not great. It's really just a Photoshop plugin. Slow and very crashy. My hope is they build a standalone app, but they seem content with their Megascans and Mixer apps so I'm not holding my breath.

Someone else mentioned I haven't used it so I can't say, but I'm going to give it a go.

Mari is often in the same conversations as Substance, but different and oh so expensive.

We live in dark times now.

Well, thank you. I am a bit desperate now.


Well yes, that's the obvious solution, turning it perpetual. But who's to say they can't do some legal loopholes that will force us to get a CC subscription?? Such as changing the programs a bit, calling them different and then saying that the perpetual licence only applies to the old software that will no longer be supported! That's how I see it.

They can not force you. If my licence get deactivated, I will turn my back entirely to Substance. For me there is no way I subscribe to CC. Gone already through this and will never , ever experience this crap anymore.
So looking for another solutions is a good start .Rethinking the workflow.
Very sad and disappointing but anything is better than than supporting this Adobe void.

What I don't get.When the team had financial problems, why they never ask the community? I am sure many would help.
I would be willing also to pay more for the licence,even donation. Going this way was just wrong.

Will we be able to access the software outside the CC? I do NOT want to pay 59 dollars a month for a package that includes software I do not want to use!

I don't think so.
This is why I will turn my Licence in a perpetual and look now for a replacement. Sure there is nothing out for now which could replace the Substance tools.But anything is better than go in the CC .
I am sure soon some other smart guys will catch up.It is always like this.

Very sad news. But I wish the Team good luck for the future. Where ever it leads them.
I use the Suite ( and pay for it month for month) since 2015/05/05
I keep paying over the years, because I want to support the Allegorithmic team,but for sure I will not support with my money the Adobe corp.I am glad my PC is now entirely Adobe free. And will stay so.
I will turn soon my licence in a perpetual  licence .
So time to say goodbye to the whole team and thank you for the fun times your Software gives me over the years.

I was looking for a replacement over the internet, can somebody recommend me Quixel?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Me too :) Would be cool to have a plug in for LW.

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