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What we see is the 3D industry booming in the upcoming years, and we want to be ready when it happens and bring our ideas/solutions to the table. And reviewing the options/discussing with potential partners, we chose Adobe, because that gave us the trust and the keys to build our vision. We have been in touch with them for the last 2 years, so we are confident with the relationship we can build with them.
Once again we can agree to not agree, but this neither an aggressive takeover, nor a naive decision.

Everything has its price ,you got bigger support in the industry now but you're not independent anymore  .If Adobe thinks that is more money in selling french fry  then Allegorithmic will be selling french fry in the future.
Autodesk killed Softimage, ImageModeler,MatchMover
Microsoft killed TrueSpace.
Adobe killed Mixamo.
Blender was a great surprise to free himself,and now its better than some paid 3d packages.
RIP Allegorithmic, you had a great run,it was a great idea and a better realization. I assume that the technology will be transfered to other Adobe products,some light version will be released in the future for a couple of years, to imitate active development.Its a shame to go out when you're at peak but then you got a bigger price i guess.
OpenSource has no alternative
Adobe Substance Painter,Adobe Substance Designer,,,even the name makes me sick, ...disgusting

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