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Thanks for this message ;)

Globally we are feeling great about joining Adobe, because we think it's the right thing to do (please read numerous previous messages: we understand that many of you don't agree)

Collaboration between team is now starting and we can feel a great will to do cool things.

No surprise, and even if we expected it, what affected the team the most, are some reactions we got. Not necessary skepticism, rage, or sadness. But the fact that some messages were directly aiming our integrity (our = Allegorithmic staff), that we are selling our soul for money, etc... To me, this is the harder to read (this and the user guide of my new Ferrariv(photo in attachment in case it's taken seriously  ;D)).

Ha! And to be honest, I wouldn't blame anyone for getting a Ferrari :p. But I'm glad to hear you're all feeling enthusiastic and excited about joining Adobe and I completely understand the reasons why it would happen. I've read the Medium post and a number of posts in the other thread, and while I had my eyes wide-opened when I got the email about it, I can't wish bad luck, or project my thoughts on what I think will happen with negativity, because I'm just looking in & there's a number of very good reasons for joining Adobe to happen and I'd rather have Substance than to see it disappear, if that was ever on the cards.

There's probably many of us who feel for you all receiving a variety of thoughts (which are understandable because in 3D, we become very attached to our tools), but hopefully you can feel that there's many of us here that are supportive and never wish anyone to be affected by negativity. I guess it's a time of excitement, new challenges, possibilities and I can't wait to see what you all come up with and that's a feeling I think you all have.

I was a Softimage 3D user before XSI and then remember the thoughts when Microsoft bought them, then Avid, then Autodesk and when they ceased development I was gutted. Now, that's a different scenario, and while it was very hard to swallow, I understood why they did it. I might not have been comfortable with it, but there's a whole set of things in play (you will all know much more than me about this), that meant they couldn't sell it on, so I just accepted it and moved to Maya.

So, I'm excited about the future of Substance and Adobe. Like some have said, 3D is the future and it's moving at breakneck speed into new areas, so it sounds like Adobe is making bigger strides into 3D. What Substance has given us to make our creations that more better to produce can only be a good thing for the future with Adobe.

Hey all!

I'm still reading through the first part of this topic (the closed one) and just wanted to chime in to congratulate Allegorithmic. I think we all know what a great company & team they are, and the whole environment from software, integration tools, Source & Share is what makes Substance very unique & appealing to me.

I also hope all the people at Allegorithmic are feeling good about the move to Adobe.

I've been on the Indie plan for about 2 years (pay monthly, although I was looking into changing the subscription to pay yearly). I can understand many of the thoughts that I've read about the purchase, and while I'm one of those that doesn't like change, I like the subscription model from some companies, while I recognise issues with it that some have experienced from other companies. I don't plan an dropping Substance or changing to a perpetual license - I'll just see what happens and put my trust in the company that they will do their best in regards to all the dynamics of the new road ahead.

Anyway, naturally there will be change and I guess my only hope is that we still see Allegorithmic maintain their independent nature in terms of how we have these great apps, integrations & the whole website setup. I can understand we'll see changes in the future & elements merging with Adobe, but I'll be honest and say that I've never really had a problem with Adobe. I know we've seen mergers go sideways & support hassle, but I guess I'm just hopeful that Adobe knows the spirit of Allegorithmic when integrating tools into their products, while hopefully we keep our Painter & Designer apps separate, but with new integrations (I think I'm just repeating myself now :).

But, coming back to the subscription model... I'm really happy with it, even the Adobe one. I grasp that some would like perpetual licenses, and it'd be great to have that option with Adobe software. But remember when Photoshop alone would cost something like £500 then £150 or something per upgrade? Now I'm paying less than £150 a year with regular updates and even the all apps subscription is cheaper per year than what it used to cost buying just one app. It has it downsides (not owning the software when one wants to stop the subscription), but I tend to feel we're in a better situation today (in general) than we were 5 or 10 years ago.

So, here's to seeing Substance moving forward and for the company, it hopefully feels great to be recognised for how awesome they are that Adobe wanted them, although we already know how great Substance is.

That's all :)

Looking forward to the plug-in when it comes out and while there's some inconvenience, it does give Allegorithmic more control over updates of the integration, so here's hoping it's all good.

Just wondering what to do just now using Substance Source files in the latest Unity 2017.3 release and using the Substance plugin from the Asset Store. The.sbsar files can't be used on objects and just tells me it's been deprecated and will be removed in Unity 2018.1.

I guess I can just take each material from the sbsar file (normal, roughness, base colour, etc.) and plug them into Unity's Standard (Roughness setup) material?


Edit: Ah, just realised that simply plugging in the relevant materials isn't enough since the Substance Procedural Properties aren't there to tweak, etc.

Edit 2: Just read this over on Unity's site, so it looks like I'm having the issue because I'm on Unity 2017.3.1.

"Allegorithmic has just published a free plugin in the Asset Store for Substance Source and the Substance Painter live link. It will only work with Unity 2017.3 at the moment but soon (March) the Substance engine support will be added to this package and make it compatible with 2017.3+."

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