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Welcome to the Substance for UE4 series support thread. I hope you have enjoyed the tutorials. If you have any questions, please post them here. If you haven't checked out the series, the videos show the process of creating a sci-fi door asset using Substance Painter and Substance Designer specifically for use in UE4.

Prerequisites: Working knowledge of Substance Painter, Substance Designer and UE4. For new users, completion of the "Getting Started Series" for both Substance Designer and Painter is suggested.

Substance in UE4 Playlist

Substance Project Files

UE4 Project Files - Engine Version 4.16.1




Our changelog and release notes are not being handled in our documentation.
For more details about each new version please check out :


If you've purchased B2M3, you also have access to B2M2.

For people who purchase it on the Unity Asset Store, B2M2 is included in the package.
For people purchasing it on our website, B2M2 is in their account.
For people who purchased it on Steam, they need to link their account with our website and they can get B2M2.

B2M3 is designed for PBR use and B2M2 is for working with traditional maps is a non PBR workflow.




For users who are using both Substance Designer and Painter, here is a quick tip video that shows how to setup a bridge between Painter and Designer.




Substance Painter 1.0.1 is available in your account. Here is the changelog for Substance painter 1.0.1 build 505 that we released today :

Fixed :
    - Parameters values are limited to 2 decimals for Particles
    - Substance loaded from cache are not displayed in the UI as outdated
    - Crash when loading a mesh from a network url

Added :
    - [Tool] Improved Material parameters usage
    - Painter is now recognized as signed on Mac OS X
    - New shortcut to the uservoice website in the Help menu
    - Various performances improvements in the engine




Welcome to the support thread for the official Substance Painter "Getting Started" tutorial series. I hope you've found the videos useful. If you have any questions or need help, please post them here.

Video Series

Project Files

Final Tutorial Project created from videos

decal_text from video 10



Dear friends,

It has been quite an adventure since we first launched Substance Painter Beta back in March. We had the feeling that we might actually be onto something unique at first, however we did not imagine such an amazing response from the community of 3D artists worldwide (you guys! Thanks again!).

The community has grown substantially since and we believe this is only the beginning: next Wednesday, October 15th, we will be releasing the long-awaited Substance Painter 1.0.

For this launch, we would like to ask for your support:

In order to see this release echo throughout the entire 3D community, and to write the future of digital asset production together, we want to use a simple tool developed by our friends at Launchcrew. The idea is simple, yet powerful: if you want to help us, you just have to register and, on D-Day, Launchcrew will publish a single post on Facebook and/or Twitter on your behalf about the release (which you can already see on the Launchcrew page):

This common effort could make a huge difference and mark the date of October 15th as the start of the new generation of texture painting.

Thank you all so much for contributing, let's build the future of 3D together!




We now have an 801 plugin! We know many have been waiting for 801 support for a long time, so we wanted to release an open beta to share with the community. We are very thankful for your support and patience.

You can download Mac and PC builds from the modo integration page:

I will update this post with the change log for new beta builds.





Please post the issues/bugs you find here in this thread. You can also send them to me directly at

DOWNLOAD 2.0.0 Build 143

2.0.0 - build 143 Release Notes

fix: dev: remove substance entries with no instances. (detail)
fix: usr: do not allow reload of a different substance on a newly create substance item. (detail)
fix: dev: various checks on null values (detail)

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