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Hello Everyone,

We are working on a new version of the 3ds Max substance plugin. We now have a beta version which updates the current plugin in Max to support Substance Engine 6 (Designer 6.x). I have attached the updater to this thread. Please give it a try and let us know if you run into any issues.

This is not the full plugin we will be releasing but we wanted to get something to our Max users as soon as we could. You can now use Substance Designer 6 published substances in 3ds Max. We don't have any new features yet, but this is the first step for our version 2 plugin.

Now supports Max 2018

The updater doesn't work with the Substance GPU Engine. This means you can only set textures to a maximum of 2K. The option to use the Hardware Renderer (Substance GPU Engine) is still available, but it doesn't work at this time. Switching to the GPU engine is not working.

Max vray material script:
Be sure to have administrator privileges in order to be able to add files to 3dsMax sub-directories.
1. Launch 3dsMax using right click->Run as administrator.
2. Use "MAXScript->Run Script" to execute the .mzp file.
3. Click on "Customize->Customize User Interface". Click on "Toolbars" tab.
4. In "Category", select "Substance" and drag & drop "PBR to vray material" in 3dsMax UI to add it as a button.
Optional: you can create your own toolbar by clicking on "New" Button.



Here you can find information about how to setup common renderers using textures exported from Substance Painter.



Mental Ray



Toolbag 2

Here you can find information about how to setup renders using textures exported from Substance Painter. The same material setups apply for substance materials as well.

If you are using a substance (metallic workflow), you can use the basecolor_metallic_roughness_converter found in the PBR Utilities to convert to the textures for use with V-Ray, Arnold, Corona and Redshift.



Mental Ray


We are very happy to now have Substance integration with Houdini. The plugin is currently in beta and you can access the download from this page.

Houdini Version: 15.0

Please let us know of any issues you have.


Substance for Unity 5: Creating PBR textures for environments and characters   

Designed to educate users on PBR principles and guidelines while showcasing the power of the Substance toolset to easily create PBR-ready content for Unity 5. The course is divided into 5 chapters, which allows users to pick and choose topics to build their own training path.

Software: Substance Painter 1.x - Substance Designer 5.x
Version: 1.x

Prerequisites: Understanding of a 3D application, Substance Painter, Substance Designer and Unity 5.

Video Playlist:

Project Files - Available on Substance Share

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - SketchFab Export
 on: November 17, 2015, 07:33:46 pm 

In this thread, please post any questions or support issues about the Sketchfab exporter. Also, please feel free to share any of your work. You can post your Sketchfab model directly in the post.


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