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The built-in support for Substance materials will be deprecated in Unity 2018.1. To maintain compatibility, we are
working on a new external plugin, with plans to release it on the Asset Store for 2018.1.

The Substance Plugin will be free. I will have more details to share soon but this will be a positive move for both Allegorithmic and Unity. Unity is a great partner and we are very excited about what we will be doing with the new 2018 Substance support.

The original integration has become old and we are now able to rework the entire plugin with our new framework as well as deploy timely updates to coincide with new Substance Engine features. We will be wrapping the Painter Live Link and Substance Source integrations all into this new single plugin package. This will greatly streamline Substance support for users in the Substance ecosystem.

The team has been working diligently and focused on the feature set, so I wanted to share some answers for questions I've been seeing. 

1. What can asset store creators do if they want to include substance in their content?

This answer is coming from Unity but I wanted to include it here as well.

Asset store creators could write and link in the asset description that their product requires the Substance plugin to work (like they do for the required Unity version). This is easy to do and clear for the user.

We kind of auto-detect the missing plugin by showing this error message: "Built-in support for Substance Designer materials has been removed from Unity. To continue using Substance Designer materials, you will need to install Allegorithmic's external importer from the Asset Store." but we have no way of auto-installing the plugin at the moment.

The substance plugin will not be available in the package manager, this is our new way to package our "native" code. The Asset Store and Package Manager are two different entities. Because of the possibilities offered by the new Hub ( it might be possible in the future to create templates that will automatically setup your plugins for a project but this might take a while before being operational.

2. In regards to Live Link and Source in same package as then engine, will these features be separate DLLs? Will an editor feature like Painter Live Link inflate the build size of projects where SBSAR files are included in the build?

Yes, they will be separate. Livelink and Source are editor only and will not build out with the game.

3. How is ProceduralMaterial class going to be handled?

You will be able to manipulate Substances through Scripts, but the API will change. There is not a ScriptedMaterial type available in Unity, so the Substance will be made available as a ScriptedObject that the developer can execute Script functions on, which will then relay those commands to the Unity Textures (which would be reflected in a regular Unity Material)

4. Will the official 2018.1 + the new substance plugin pack be able to correctly upgrade a 2017.3 project with all sbsar, their materials (currently saved in the sbsar.meta file) and their applications within a project?

It’s one of our major feature concerns. We will be investigating this aggressively before release, but the upgrade path may not be as straightforward since we are talking about different “objects” entirely in a technical sense. We may be able to read the .meta files though and interpret what we need.

5. Will Substance plugin support 4k-8k textures, GPU processing and 16 bit per color channel?

It’s on our roadmap but not for initial release. Our focus now is building the new plugin to have the same feature set but be more robust and at a high level quality for release.

6. Will the new Substance plugin be free?

Yes! The plugin will be free. It will be available on the Unity Asset Store and contain the Engine, LiveLink and Source in the same package.

7. When will the plugin be available and will there be a beta?

The new plugin will be available at the launch of Unity 2018.1 on the Unity Asset Store. We have plans to release a beta but we don't have an ETA to share just yet.

We know this is a lot of change for Substance users. Please rest assured we take all of your concerns very serious. We are working hard to make this change as smooth as possible with the least amount of disruptions in workflow. In the end, we will be releasing a much better Substance product for Unity users with the ability to expand and grow with new features.


Substance Integrations - MODO - MODO 11 Series
 on: April 21, 2017, 10:13:13 pm 

We now have an official MODO 11 build. Please download from our site at

Happy Modoing : )


Substance Integrations - Houdini - Houdini 16 Plugin Update
 on: February 24, 2017, 05:13:12 pm 

We have updated the Houdini plugin for version 16. You can get the latest plugin on our download page.

Here is the changelog:

Substance Designer 6 Support
- Normals now show up properly in viewport
- Images now have the correct orientation
- Image Input Paths now save properly
- Added support for SD6 floating point outputs
- Added support for SD6 string inputs
- Fixed the viewport not updating on Linux when input values are changed
- General performance improvements

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