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Sure, bake down and make an ID map as well to make a mask for your opacity.
It worked perfectly, thank you very much!

I viewed the fbx file using maya, it looks like the totally black parts of the model have reverse faces. Using a mesh display - reverse on maya the problem is solved

Hello everyone, i turn to you for a simple question of which I do not know the feasibility

I am creating a metal grate that will form a floor in my 3D scene. I would like to be able to optimize the scene in terms of the number of polygons so the grid will be a simple plane in the low poly version. I was wondering if starting from a high poly version where the grid is made up of different 3D planes, there is a way to draw the shape composed by the 3D objects of the high poly on the plane of the low poly version (After applying the materials on the h-poly version on substance)

Thanks in advance to anyone who will try to help me!

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