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Your system's space are reasonable for Medium. They are above min spec.

For the best sculpting experience, we recommend at least 32GB of RAM, an Intel i7 or equivalent AMD CPU, and an NVIDIA 2070 or AMD 5900. The amount of GPU VRAM makes a big difference to Medium, much more so than many games--  so a GPU with 8GB of VRAM or more will help a lot.

Note that Medium's designed to have higher latency for larger amounts of clay, but the framerate in the headset should stay steady. That is, if you lay down a large amount of clay at once, you won't see the HMD framerate slow down, but you will see the individual blobs of clay lag behind where your hand is.

But, if you are experiencing low framerate, then it sounds like there is something else going on. Your machine specs are reasonable. A couple of things to check (aside from making sure all drivers are up to date, which it sounds like you've already done):

1) Are you running on a laptop? If so make extra sure you are running of a wired connection, and not running off the battery (laptops throttle way down on battery, even if they have a dedicated GPU)

2) If a desktop machine, make sure your GPU is using all sixteen lanes of the PCI-Express bus. If you download the program GPU-Z, look for the field "Bus Interface", and make sure it says "PCIe x16 3.0 @ 16 3.0". If it says something like "@ 4", then it's using just 4 lanes of the bus, which will be slow. Medium transfers a lot of data across the PCI Express bus.

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