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Medium - Feature Requests - Layer Merging Simplification
 on: September 04, 2020, 02:26:02 pm 
Merging two layers only appears to work when the bounding boxes overlap and the sculpts within one layer are fully contained within the bounding box of the other. I assume it’s a ‘resolution-related’ thing.

It would be nice if the bounding boxes didn’t need to overlap and a warning/choice came up -
’Merging will require a loss of Resolution. Proceed?’

Where do I find the above? I’m looking specifically for info + prototype code snippets on the SubstanceImporter Class.

Unity’s documentation in this regard has no code examples and very little explanation. Is anything available on the Allegorithmic site or elsewhere? I recently posted a related code query in ‘Discussions’ (,1868.0.html) but maybe this section is more appropriate.

Michael_11 -> strategy
Originally I wanted to keep the number of graphs flexible via run-time script implementation but for the moment will manually create ten re-named duplicates within each package.  I’m not using imported bitmaps but generating everything from FX-Maps.

Code-wise I’ve now managed to duplicate the graphs at runtime using SubstanceImporter.InstantiateMaterial but these are just added to the package in Unity along with their respective outputs and continue to exist after program termination – which is no real improvement on the manual method. I just need temporary graphs for use in play-mode leaving only the original package at completion. I’d like to spend more time experimenting with this but existing prototype code examples are extremely sparse and a competition beckons at the moment.

michael_11 – Thanks for feedback!
(Stops banging head against wall and prepares to re-think strategy)

Is it possible to place copies of a single Substance on each submesh of a Unity game object and vary their parameters independently of each other?

I’ve created a script which successfully generates the submeshes and allocates the Substance to each but all copies simply reflect the parameter values of the last submesh updated. My first assumption is that the code is incorrect but I need to check if I’m attempting the impossible before further debugging.

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