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Regarding Substance Share beta, I think I would love to see three-four little things that might help both creators and users down the road, what do you think?

1. Filtering content new to old and vice versa.

2. If a material may get an update, show that there is a new version of it?

3. Showing which shared assets we already downloaded.

4. I have already downloaded two materials, both names wood.sbsar - With a passion like this, we may end up with dozens of same named sbars over and over  -- With an ID and naming system on upload it could look like this:

Give content creators an ID number and make a rule-set for content creators when it comes to naming.

Content creator (Example) Kelly Recco = ID0004

Name of Material + maybe counting number or other extra info

Resulting file name on download:


This would prevent uploaders from sharing hundreds of same rock.sbsar filenames and files could be sorted by its creators a little quicker.

Thanks for the new update, I like it!

Cheers, Tobias
Senior Environment Artist

Hello, I have a question about a thing we don't understand.

We are in the need of a substance source material, logged in with the company account which has 177 points and active monthly renewing license. Now it tells that we don't have any more downloads remaining plus just 30 per month?

1) We have 177 points.

2) We just came back from vacation and did not downloaded 30 materials lately.


I tried it with my private account which has 280 point left. Same message while I did not downloaded any materials for like 2 months. Same network but different PC.

Could somebody take a look if somethings broken on the substance source download page? And why should an account be restricted by 30 downloads with a much higher number of points?

Kind regards,

Oh thanks! Yes, actually it's possible to select it on the templates while creating a new project.

Plus, it seems that this SSS shader is missing?! At least i can't see or select anything like described in the 2018.2 update blog.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Modular pieces
 on: August 03, 2017, 04:40:33 am 
Hello Metro,

i would try it in three different ways:

a) export both, side by side with two different materials, import them and make the cut on material A (mesh A), then material B (mesh B) using camera mapping. It's not perfect but should work.

b) even if the modular pieces got different designs, it seems that these are pretty similar. If the parts that needs the cut are using the same UV space (on two different UV's), you may just make a new layer - place the cut and then copy that layer to the other object.

c) If you create modular pieces, use one base where you can add cuts etc and then just add greebles/nurnies on top of it to make it individual

Is it possible to paint on two different material sets at once? Searching for this function for quite some time to paint some grunch/AO on multiple pieces with multiple material sets - similar technique Metronomus needs for his cutting.

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