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Haha thanks Deoinspace ! :D

Second one

Here it is ! My final entry for the contest.
The Martian inspiration obviously... =)
Unfortunately only one of the two renders is in 4K and the other one is FullHD but I hope it will be ok.
Good luck to all of you guys, amazing work out there !!
Thanks to Allegorithmic !

Almost times up ! I will try to push him as far as I can today.
Here is my last render.

Little update on the displacement details...
It's gonna be a tough week end to finish it in time but I hope I will do it !

Hey thanks Vincent !

Just messing around with the displace for now. Here is a WIP

Hi all,
I'd like to introduce MATie ! Not sure about the suit and the astronaut idea but pretty sure about a woman/ pin up version of MAT.
Here is a start to get the direction.
Good luck to all of you !

Here it is  :)
Lot of fun (and crashes haha  ;D) doing this little guy, good luck to all !

Still not finished but one day left... almost there !

Hi everyone !

I LOVE marvel haha so here it is... :D
Just a WIP for now, I don't even know if I'm gonna push this way or try something house.

Good luck to all !  :)

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