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Yeah, what alexmees said... ???

And to add: I might have misread something, maybe they only meant older CC subscriptions are discounted, but I'm still relatively sure one at least talked about having his license for software before CC not working anymore...
But I could be wrong, as this thing says:

I have read this out of some different peoples postings unter this youtube entry:

Please help me to sleep better:
Adobe seams to effectively shut down their CS6 (not cloud) using customers softwares although they bought them legally, if they don't upgrade into CC subscription.
So... how much can YOU as the former Allegoritmic team keep us protected from such a move by Adobe?
How much would an upgrade of a perpetual license cost? Only on steam? We bought the last perpetual in your store.

...but for how long?

What about us, that have perpetual licenses and in about 2-3 Years we'd like to upgrade to the newest perpetuals?
Are we cut out of your future plans now?

A few questions more...

We want to get to perpetual after our subscription is fulfilled.
1- How does it work to get more updates without subscription? Can we get an update after, let's say, one year?
And are there points for substances to download included again? How many?
2- We are interested in Alchemist. Do we need another subsciption to start this one or is it included in the standard subscription we have? Can we buy it perpetually?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Feature Requests - 3D mouse support
 on: February 11, 2019, 04:37:29 pm 
Allegorythmic Team: could you pleeeease make Substance Painter able to us the 3D Mouse (3d connexion space navigator) for moving around the object. The current system is so arkward. Make it please before the perpetual can't get it anymore!!!

Just curious ... do Adobe Staff people that haven't been Allegorithmic before watch these forums, especially this and the former part 1 in any way as well?

Thanks for all the answers, which were very helpful.

Only a little Adobad taste that's still remaining, which I beg you to consider, that's directed at Adobe as well:

The current expression feels fair until the point where we have the perpetual finally. But afterwards there still is a force applied to us, (those who wish not to be pulled into Adobes forced subscription).
Please consider this: let us (those outside of the subscription bubble) have at least the opportunity to buy (maybe for 50 Bucks) an update every year for our perpetual licensed versions of Substance D/P. Or at least, if some major changes are due, for if it needs to be running on a newer operating systen/graphics card - so it doesn't get outdated too far.

Less force, Adobe ... less force.

Just a constructive thought ;)

Thank you for your reply, Vincent.
So is it still possible that if a subscription runs into perpetual in August, that Adobe decides to forfeit it?

I followed all of this ... all I can say - I am where perpetual is. If it vanishes I even will vanish beforehand.
I love Premiere pro as I used it long time ago. And I would even become a full Adobe Suite user - we prepared to buy CS6, as the perpetual license was suddenly removed.
So, if you can convince Adobe to go perpetual again, we'd be happy to join the train - as long as it stays perpetual.
I would even go with the current model, if they (Adobe) would give us the full version perpetual after the full price has been paid via slow accumulation for the CreativeSuite. At least then one can feel save to not loose access to ones own creations. And one still can update at will. Or, what I could imagine would be best for our Studio: to use subscription until we have accumulated enough to finish the payment in a not too big chunk, even before subscription normally finalised to reach perpetual licenses. And after that we might update/upgrade, but we are in charge of it, as WE are the ones to have the oversight of our finances - not Adobe or someone else entirely.
That's my two cents about it.
Please give us clarity within the next 15 days about the current Allegorithmic Subscription to Perpetuals.
Also: will the substance package in it's whole be kept as it is now - or will it fuse completely to CC without any outside version remaining?

Pure subscription. No way to get a Perpetual license. We were short before ordering the full CS6 suite, when we found out, that it will be subscription only. Since then it's no Adobe for us anymore!

And now this!
Please give us clear evidence, that perpetual licenses will not disappear. Not this year or thereafter.
If we don't hear any news about this within the next half month, we must stop the subscription and consider reordering our pipeline, to adjust to a new software from another house. This is a saddening, as your great software is not easy to replace.
But if our current subscription will not yield in a perpetual license at the end of the 12 month period, there will be no other way.
You consider your business practices, we have to consider ours. Please don't be sparse with a clear answer, as this will only consolidate our decision to leave. Thanks in advance. :-\

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