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I just purchased a susbtance package with Adobe, I'm hoping you can refund the monthly subscription that was charged last week. Please advise.

I attempted to post a request through your contact form, but the submit button is disabled. Strange...

Thank you

I followed your advice but couldn't quite figure out what was needed at first. I got it to work by adding a fill layer into my mask and then I was able to use the anchor there to reference the other paint layer.
Thank you!

I painted all these brush strokes onto a new layer with only the diffuse component active. I realized later that I wanted these strokes to be part of height information, but alas, the way Substance works there's no data in the height buffer because it was not active when I painted. Is there a way to retroactively paste the data from one buffer of a paint layer into another one?

For instance, taking what is in the diffuse channel, turning on the height channel and "pasting" the brush strokes into it?
This would be very handy. Is this already possible?

Not sure why you're posting this there, when it is most likely a control inside of your shader in the program you are using to render with. Depending on what renderer you are using, there should be a control for the 'roughness' of the refraction. It's about as much help as I can provide, given it's not a substance related question.

I have the same issue. My install of Launcher downloaded the latest update, 1.6.1-beta.411, and Kaspersky kept blocking it and removing it, after flagging it as malware. I had to disable the antivirus to run the update. Afterwards, Kaspersky detects the installer in my app data folder as malware. I had to run a "disinfect" procedure that deletes the installer.

Thank you! So if you right click on a loaded texture in your browser, what does "close" do? It seems to do nothing.

I loaded a bunch of textures into a project and would like to remove them. Is that even possible? I can't seem to delete them from the textures browser.

For some reason, Substance Launcher showed up twice in my apps list. It must not have properly removed an old version while updating itself. I ended up manually uninstalling the app to clean up the entries, but now I'm wanting to reinstall the latest version. I cannot find an installer on the website, where the other products I am licensed for can be found. Where is there an installer for Substance Launcher?



Just noticed there's a Substance Automation toolkit. Maybe this could be useful in there.

Or you could do what every studio does, they have a script/plugin that handles all naming conventions for them. This is a standard practice in the industry when it comes to making software work together in sync as part of your pipeline.

That sounds great. But I'm not a studio. I'm slowly learning some Python tho. Maybe one day I'll write my own pipeline at home, like every studio does.

Thanks for responding; that's the part I know already. I'm hoping to find a process for this that's efficient.

At any rate, perhaps this is a good time to address the elephant in the room, namely that software tools that should be able to easily share data to work together currently came up with their own arbitrary naming conventions for their handling of UDIM tiles, thus introducing an incompatibility. Not pointing the finger at one camp or another, but this is a good opportunity for the devs at Pixologic, Mari, Substance, etc... to talk to each other and agree on something that makes sense.

Meanwhile, for those who have no solution yet and are looking, I found this. Hope this helps ppl.

So I musn't be the only persoin trying to do this:

Importing cavity, displacement and AO maps from Zbrush to use in fill layers in substance. The catch is the object has UDIM tiles, so the naming convention has to be specific to Substance. How do I do this?

Is there a way to name the exported textures from Zbrush? Or does it involve a manual rename step before importing into Substance. As far as I know the two have different naming conventions for UDIMs.

I guess this depends on your studio pipeline. There are other ways to create and handle textured assets.
Do you use Zbrush? I'm trying to figure how to export UDIM sets from Zbrush that are properly named and work with the Substance/mari UDIM naming convention. Have you figured this out?

Sadly both apps use different conventions. Either one can create/import compatible UDIMs, or there needs to be a manual renaming process in between.

I see, it's a naming problem. How do you get Zbrush to change the UV name? They have a different naming convention than Substance, which breaks the workflow. As far as I know, you cannot get zbrush to export them properly, you have to manually change the names?

I musn't be the only one trying to get textures from zbrush into Substance...

Workflow question: Is it possible to import textures from zbrush (like a displacement map or ao) that have a UDIM set and assign them to a single material? I tried importing resources as textures and was not successful.

It's simple enough to pick 1 texture file, and then assign it as a texture in the import resource window. This imports only the selected file. If you select the entire UDIM set, it only recognizes the textures as separate elements. How can you import a UDIM set from zbrush to then assign it as textures in a fill layer?

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