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Every time I close and re-open the application, it forgets everything about me. I have to tell it that I'm right handed, where my favorite folders are and everything.

How do I prevent this repetitive software amnesia?


Also, you are forcing us to submit a log file to write this, but there is no such concept ion Medium. There's not even a help menu :/

At the moment, Oculus/Facebook seems like they no longer care about high quality PC VR. They are focusing on the mobile Quest devices and doing a race to the bottoms for pricing, to get it in the hands of many people.

There is also the controversy of forcing us to use Facebook, something they specifically promised they would not do.

Meanwhile, great headsets like the Valve Index and HP Reverg G2 are coming up as better alternatives to the Rift S in the high end VR consumer desktop world.


Are there any plans to free Medium from the Oculus store so that we can easily use Medium with other headsets? I know there are ways around it like Revive, but that is not as good as having a dedicated support from the developers.

Please help us free ourselves from Facebook. Medium is my primary art tool and I'd like to start exploring outside Facebook/Oculus for my day to day artwork hardware.

When exporting the sculpt geometry, it is currently hard to determine what the triangle count unit is for large files.

Adding graphic separators for every 1000th would help quickly visualize how many thousands or million of triangle the sculpt we are exporting will be.

so one million would look like this:

instead of

Incredible that we had to wait for a user to give us an answer on one of the most requested features of Substance.

Substance really dropped the ball on this one.

Hi Wes,

I don't think that works well at all for architectural workflows, but then again, the explanation is so confusing and technical that I'm not sure that it really implies.

Architects will come in with a merged mesh that contains multiple textures. We want oreplace these textures with better substance textures and then export a single mesh and a single map of all these textures together. IT seems to me that your solution will be totally useless for this worklfow? Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Obviously, architect will use Susbtance is a totally different way than game designers and modellers. But please, I highly suggest you look at the workflow of an architect that wants to bring his Revit model to Unity and bake through Substance in 3ds Max. We are trying to parse through all your complex documentation to do something somewhat simple and it's a huge pain. And then things like this happen that make the product almost too much trouble for it's worth. I don't want to spend 3 hours merging 150 textures in Photoshop.

Anyhow, I hope that whatever solution you guys implement will work for everyone and that I can start using Substance again. Until this merging problem is resolved, I'm going to stick to my old ugly textures.

I'm still waiting for this simple workflow issue to be resolved. It's not worth my time using Substance at the moment, I just want to replace all my Revit materials with Substance materials, not learn a complicated workflow that I cannot teach any architectural employee.

Is it possible to use UV channel 2 to 99? Just having the option of using channel 2 would be nice.

I looked for this feature, but all I found was a two year old post saying it was not an option.

Oops, this was meant for Substance Painter's Support Forum

Is it possible to use UV channel 2 to 99? Just having the option of using channel two would be nice.

I looked for this feature, but all I found was a two year old post saying it was not an option.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Re-merge Texture Sets?
 on: October 04, 2016, 07:55:01 pm 
Wes has provided a temporary tutorial illustrating a workaround technique until the feature is available!!!  ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: Re-merge Texture Sets?
 on: September 15, 2016, 05:11:50 pm 
Holding my breath!  :o ;D


I am looking to discover the ideal workflow to go from Revit to 3ds Max to Substance to Unity3d. My main problem is the workflow around Substance.

When I export part of a Revit model from 3ds Max, I want to have it all as one map despite the different materials. I also want to be able to quickly apply a materials to the different materials types.

For example, I would split the Revit model in 10 parts. I select one part with all the concrete, sidewalks and bricks, and export it as one piece to Substance. It's easy to replace these using the Texture Sets, but then I want to export them as a single map, not how they were separated as texture sets. I want one map for that one piece of geometry that has the concrete, sidewalks and bricks.

I have a feeling that I may missing some of the workflow from Substance Designer. It's a bit hard to wrap my head around the workflow because everybody else is using the software using a tottally different game workflow, instead of working with existing Revit assets in 3ds Max.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

Hi Wes,

I'm surprised there is no button that says "combine maps into one" in Substance Painter. Combining material maps is a crucial to good game performance and should be considered a default part of the process.

If this does not become a feature soon, I would like to see a tutorial video outlining the required steps to get a small models to be divided into multiple texture sets and then combined into a single texture set at export.

I do not want to paint every texture manually and your written explanation of the process is not working for me, your description is too advanced for me and this seems like a basic (missing) feature.

That worked for me! The multimat was the problem. Now I just need to find a clear guide on hoe to export it into Unity5.


I am looking to render with iray in 3ds Max. When I tired to make a Standard material using Substance, the textures render in Mental Ray but not in iray. If I use an iray material, the colors work, but not the displacement maps and others.

Has anyone had any success with the iray material or Standard material using iray in 3ds Max? Please share your tips.

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