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What do these various output image format integration attributes, specifically RGBA Half-Float (64b) and RGBA High precision (64b) mean? These options are repeated for Luminance as well. I'm curious as to what the technical difference is between these two format types.

Thanks in advance!

I think sbsbaker and the Substance Designer Baker are slightly different. Namely I don't think the sbsbaker has received the caching update yet. From how I understand it, using
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sbsbaker run and supplying a JSON file as an argument will eventually have the same caching mechanic as the SD Baker. At this time however, each itemized baker in the JSON document creates a new bake process and doesn't cache. Maybe I'm doing it wrong, but that's based on my own testing at this point. Someone please correct me if I'm mistaken.

One thing that I've been doing is just pushing multiple subprocess calls for all the bakers I need in parallel. This slightly avoids the caching issue as, A) one baker doesn't have to wait for the other to finish (unless you need the normal map), and B) loading the 3D scene, while still done once per baker, happens in parallel, so it's quite a bit faster than waiting for the first baker to start, load the scene, bake, and write the image to disk before completely reloading the scene again.

Usage: (as specified in docs and from --help option:
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sbsbaker [<global_option>...] run [<option>...] <inputs>...
The run command expects a JSON file as an argument that describes an execution plan. Is there any information, documentation or examples of how this works?

This is as far as I've gotten just guessing at the structure of the JSON file:

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"output-name" : "testing_baker",
"output-path" : "/home/lvxejay/desktop/sbs_baker_test/"
When I run this from the command line, I get no output messages and no new processes on my computer. What is this JSON file supposed to look like?

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sbscooker --internalWhat exactly does this do? Does it correspond to maximum memory consumption for the sbscooker tool?

Documentation is located here, but no information for this command is provided:

The uploader to this forum is also broken and I am unable to attach an FBX to this post. How should I get you the mesh?

The "color-from-mesh" baker is not functioning correctly in the Substance Automation Toolkit (SAT)

Specifically, it will not pick up embedded Vertex Color data that has been applied to a mesh or any piece of geometry.

I discovered the bug during my own testing, but reproduced the issue using the provided "texturing_mat" demo that comes with the SAT. 

The code specifies "--color-source" to be "2", which generates the ID map using Mesh ID detection. I switched the  "--color-source" option to be "0", which bakes with Vertex Colors. To ensure that there were actually vertex colors present, I made it a point to import the provided FBX (MESH_MAT.fbx) sample into Blender and apply vertex colors to it before re-exporting and pointing the baker to it.

Upon attempting to bake, the error message I get is this:
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[WARNING][Baking]Could not find vertex colors in mesh body
[WARNING][Baking]Could not find vertex colors in mesh head
[WARNING][Baking]Could not find vertex colors in mesh base
[WARNING][Baking]Not enough data in the high poly to use selected baker. Aborting bake.

I'm putting together a general purpose GUI based script for generating an FBX and baking the required maps using Substance Batch Tools.

The batch tools now require a "--input-selection" argument that looks for a specific mesh/material ID and bakes the textures for the specified objects. Does SBSBaker no longer have implicit Mesh/Object detection?

I am running the latest kernel of CentOS 7. For some unknown reason the UI in both Substance Designer and Substance Painter is EXTREMELY LARGE. I do not have a HiDPI monitor, and my scaling settings are all set at default. I'm trying to troubleshoot this issue but have yet to find any helpful information.

How do I fix this problem? I just moved my production platform over to Linux and not having a usable interface in either Designer or Painter is completely unacceptable. 

See attached image:

I am an independent developer interested in creating a bridge between Substance Designer and Blender 3D. I wasn't sure how best to get into contact with Allegorithmic regarding this matter, so I figured I'd post a forum thread. I am very familiar with Blender's GPL limitations and how that applies to pipeline integration with industry standard software. I have a proposed workaround for this issue that will not violate Blender's GPL License and will allow for a Substance to Blender bridge.

Please contact me at so we can discuss details.

Thank you,

Jared Webber
President of ONELVXE

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