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Hi, I'm not sure if this was answered previously, but please, so I can understand...

I've been on the $20/month Painter/Designer subscription since the beginning.

It is my understanding that I need to "obtain" my perpetual licence entitlement now, before it is no longer available - if I'm understanding correctly?

My understanding of my current license is you "pay up" until "full" then you can "cash out" a perpetual license from the full year you paid your subscription - I believe this is correct?

I'd like to obtain a perpetual licence for what I've paid in for this last year, AND also continue my current subscription.

Basically, I'd like to have a license and installer (perpetual) I can use, if I the day ever comes that I do go off Substance subscription, (which I don't currently have plans to do at this point in time), so reiterating, I'd want to remain on my existing subscription?

Is this something I can do, or am I missing something about the license cash out?

I"m hoping I can just download a key for Painter / Designer and just go merrily along (ignoring the $20/month payments) with the existing subscription?

Or do I have to cancel out my existing subscription, get my keys and then restart another Substance subscription???

I'm also another person who will NEVER install Steam on any of my development computers!

I hate the fact that companies view Steam services as a "quick and easy" licensing platform - I don't want Steam on any of my systems - period, not to mention being able to dabble with Painter on my job would be a NO GO when trying to access the Steam gaming platform from my workplace network...

Any clarification on what I'd like to do with my license is appreciated since November is right around the corner.

All I want to do is grab my latest Painter/Designer perpetual keys, and continue on with my existing subscription for access to the other tools as I'm doing today...



Just a quick suggestion - it's nice having launcher as a one stop shop to all Substances, I'd like to see Substance Share added to the launch list!


SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: Why Adobe?
 on: January 31, 2019, 07:40:15 pm 
The effects from this will be shown in a year or two tops...

My last on this is you have thousands, if not millions of people wishing they could start their own companies, "be their own bosses to make their dreams come true like you guys did.

I believe it's commonly known, if not, then commonly felt it's "better to be the boss, than to be the employee" - for some reason you guys ran in the opposite direction?

You've ultimately lost the total control you had over what YOU created - and I believe it is this which is what has saddened all of us here.

If you had said "We at Allegorithmic have partnered with Adobe to help them become a leader in 3D Digital Content Creation...", I don't think anyone would have been as angry over a move like that - other than the complaints about time taken away from the development of your own tools.

Helping some one is always a nice and positive gesture - Being acquired?  From tons of past experience - not so nice and positive.


SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: Why Adobe?
 on: January 28, 2019, 10:27:06 pm 

1) We knew, If anything we underestimated how much people loved us rather than how much people disliked Adobe...

I don't see HOW you could have missed how much your customers LOVED you and your company??

There was hardly ever a time were I made a post about Substance, or Allegorithmic, that I didn't mention how "unhealthy" I felt my love was for you guys, your company and the tools you make!

I would tell Wes in nearly every post he made over at the Modo forums or on YouTube how he makes me a better artist with every one of his posts and/or tutorials!  Wes is an amazing hero to me!

I'm sorry, but I can't imagine you guys simply stating what you would have liked to accomplish and ask for a funding spree - say like how Blender has done for their v2.8, and be denied by any of us!

I certainly would have donated extra to any project you may have proposed!  I was already looking forward to the new program you mentioned recently, and was amazed with the thought in the back of my mind of yet a fourth program being available for my subscription!

Hell you are THE ONLY company I had no problems with staying on subscription (Epic/UE4 was the other until they went free); I have yet to ever cash out a perpetual license after all my payments - now I have to consider doing so!

If you had just asked your user base before going down this path - I'm sure we would responded with total support for Allegorithmic and any project proposal - it's a shame you didn't have faith in us, your user base and did this to us...

I always say you never know someone till you see them angry; everything may be cool now between you and Adobe - but just think to yourself, what would happen now if you said "umm, I think we'd like to back out of this "being acquired" (which the thought in itself sounds nasty) and see what happens.

Reminds me what what happened when we heard Modo had merged, (got acquired) by a larger corporation.

Where's everyone now??  Some are cleaning up plastics out of the oceans (and yes, that's a noble cause; however not quite the 3D career book ending one would have expected considering the charisma and flair of their larger than life personality?)

...Another beloved member recently leaving for a sneaker company? (...And there's nothing wrong with sneakers - I usually buy a new pair every 10-years or so being I hardly ever wear them...)

It's things like this that happens after doing similar to what you've done.

Folks are already saying "...leave and start over..."  PUHLEEZEE, Pffft - forget about it!

You guys and your company, Allegorithmic singlehandedly made the 3D industry a better, more enjoyable place to work in with your tools - a GOOD, GOT DAMN Lifetime Achievement, frankly these Substance tools are that you've created for everyone - hobbyists like myself, professionals and big productions pipelines.

Just know the day, for whatever reason, whether a year, (or more) from now, when you leave Adobe, just like the example above, you'll walk out that door without that greatest, most wonderful 3D industry achievement YOU GUYS MADE.

All YOUR wonderful, hard, work will end up slowly circling, crossing into that event horizon of the black hole where a good majority of wonderful programs go...

I hope you won't feel as sad as all of us, your customer base are feeling now...


Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Feature Requests - Re: 3d Mouse
 on: December 15, 2016, 05:19:39 pm 
Yes please, I'd love to be able to use my SpacePilot within Painter.


I held off on TB3 for now since I love my Ally tools so much, and the currently included rendering is good enough for me - but I certainly wouldn't be mad having direct interop w/Unity and Unreal - Props!


Okay thanks Fabian, because I had saw something like that when I googled substance designer graph connection issues.

I was recomputing the thumbnails and also assigning the graph outputs to the model various times without any joy getting stuff to connect.

At least I discovered switching back to standard mode solved the problems.



Hi folks, in the past I've mostly used Substance Painter, but recently I wanted to get more usage out of Designer, especially since all the great new additions that have been added in the v5 series.

I've been focusing on finishing the texturing in Designer for a particular model, and I started noticing when working with either the Height or Normal channel inputs on a base material, that even though the connections were correct for the Height (gray to gray), or the Normal (orange to orange), the connections would remain dashed when hovering over the target input node - examples:

Can't connect Height:

Can't connect Normal (but the Transform 2D connects wo/issue??):

Before posting, a bulb went off in my head to switch the link mode from collapsed to standard and then the connections worked as expected:

At that point I was not going to post this question, but then figured I'd ask anyway if that is the expected behavior, or was this actually a bug due to the connection mode being collapsed?



Wow this capability in SP / SD would be great to have - thanks for the tutorial, can't wait to watch it!


Absolutely agree!

I would definitely prefer to have my normals in a "Normals" tab, scifi alphas in a "SciFi Alphas" tab etc.

At one point, I had also wished I could create a shortcut to a folder and drop that shortcut into the shelf folder so it would point to the folder that the shortcut is referencing...


I agree, I was watching Wes' YT video and I was thinking the same thing as I was seeing him do that.

Hopefully you don't mind me adding on to your thread instead of creating a separate one?

I'm loving the ability to import and/or use the supplied normal maps to add to my surfaces!  They seem to work much better than using the grey scale images ever did?

Anyway, pretty much immediately I found the need to flip the images either horizontally or vertically; rotating some of those normap maps don't give you a mirror image version depending on its shape.

It would be nice if there was two small buttons somewhere next to the rotation dial "h-flip" and "v-flip".

What I did in the mean time was make a copy of the normal map, flipped it in my image editor and then added it into the list with a similar name so that it sits along side the original one.

I'd hate to have to do that (h-flip and/or v-flip) for the image(s) especially when having the feature built in would be very handy!

I can even see myself rotating a map 90 degrees, and then h-flipping or v-flipping it before placing it on the model - providing even more possibilities!  8)


Hi folks, did google searches - no joy, guess perhaps I'm the only one having this problem.

Going through Wes's excellent, new Substance Training, I was working on my desktop following the training yesterday afternoon.

Later last nite, I moved onto my laptop in the living room, launched Painter, and got a dialog: "You have too much nodes running Substance Painter. You can wait for some nodes to quit or quit yourself. You can only run 1 nodes in parallel given your current license."

Listed in the dialog was my desktop and my Laptop.  I went back into the office, thinking perhaps I had left Painter running minimized or something however the application wasn't open?  I checked the task manager and I didn't see anything that looked like it was related to Painter?

I'm not sure why this is happening, this is the first time I experienced this?

Being that I use my desktop machine for serving Plex, I didn't just want to reboot, so I logged off and and back on again to see if that would clear the phantom instance of Painter.   It didn't, so I'm here now making this post.

I'm going to go and reboot my desktop machine now hoping that will fix it (I have already shut down my laptop (last night) still with no joy here today.)

Okay, I just rebooted my desktop, back here on my laptop I figured I'd restart Painter and wait to see if I got an error again once my desktop finished booting (and before I log in).

I didn't get the chance to do that however as soon as I ran Painter the dialog popped up again complaining about my desktop machine, even though it was still booting!  So obviously, it's a problem with my laptop?

Is there a reason for this happening on my laptop?  And is there a way to clear this error - I'm going to submit this post and reboot my laptop again, if it fixes the issue, I'll report back.


Edit:  Okay just rebooted my laptop, I still haven't logged onto my desktop machine again - running Painter, I still get the same error - I can no longer run Painter on my laptop while it has an Internet connection.

When I click the Change License button, nothing happens.

This is Painter v1.42.778 running on Windows 8.1 pro.  Reinstalling my license file doesn't help either.

Thanks so much for this wonderful, comprehensive training, Wes and Allegorithmic!


Thanks so much, Wes - I knew if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be you!

I'll check it out pronto.  If I read it correctly, I believe that package only exports images anyway? At least into UE4 and Unity?

It looks like I should be able to do similar now with SD (with the skills) and displacement maps, but hopefully 'Alle will consider adding whatever may be necessary (3d noises?), to make doing similar with Designer just as good, if not way better...


I would instantly buy something similar to Grand Designer for Substance Designer!

Of even better if would be great if perhaps some tutorials on how to accomplish similar could be posted!

There are a LOT of Planet designers out there - we are Legion!


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