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I hope it end only as a Substance software being available as part of Creative Cloud and their Platform as (Additional source)

But rest stay as it is now.

I don't wanna be part of Creative Scam.

Hello everyone.

I wanna try make this one.

Tomorrow will upload WIP :)


My first attempt to recreate photo texture.

More reference photo's i found on the net:

Only Substance live members can download .sbs? I got 180 downloads for owning Indie Designer,Painter and B2M :)

NVM - I see now how it works in action. Awesome update.

That's all i wanted to know. Thanks for info :)


Today i explored a bit Substance Source. Thanks for 180 free downloads btw <3

And i found out that some assets are repeatable, many of them are inside Database, other in Monthly drops, i also found few from Substance Store Moodpacks. Other was given too us with Substance Designer 4 if good remember (GameTextures) Few of them are also BUILD inside Painter / Designer itself like American Cherry wood.

Is there any difference with them? Like quality? Right now i have few duplicates in my shelf's that i need to clean up, i dont wanna end up with even more when i start downloading goodies from Source :D

Content - Substance Source - Re: The Path to Substance Source
 on: November 03, 2016, 02:21:42 am 
...So I paid $299 to purchase the software outright in July of 2015, then a further $99 to upgrade to Substance 2 in March, and now you genuinely expect that we should have to do another rent to own live subscription for access to Source. This is fairly much bullshit, you are punishing us for actually having purchased your software and forcing us to pay for it again to get just a few substances.

Dude, You got what You paid for, and now you expect to get MORE for nothing?

Its not software update or thing You can't live without. Maybe You wanna share Your .sbs with us all?

Allegorithmic is IMHO best and most fair company i ever saw. Before i got free Moodpack from Substance Store for "nothing" expect buying software. And now they also prepare something for us.

They could just make Substance Source a Subscription service and show middle finger to everyone. Look on Megascan and their price's or other services on the net. As a hobbyist or freelancer You can forget about it.

Paying 20$ to get 30 ready to use textures with alot customization is good deal.

Okay, thanks for info :)
I will be looking for a plugin update on Substance share.

Fill layer gave me option to change color in Material Menu or even full material if i want to.
On Paint layer i need to repaint it. Or use HSL with turned off all data except Color.

But already figured something... When i paint Normal data i add User0 and place same Texture into it. After i export User0 as Bitmap in grayscale next I place it as Mask and i can change my color and material without problem. Only thing i need to fix is Grayscale value by level filter.

For now it makes my job way faster & non destructive.

PS: Is there a option to EXPORT just one layer?
PS: Projection & Stencil - can i somehow disable tilling?


I wanna to archive a non destructive way to change color on my Normals.

Im out of idea's right now, i think i tried everything and im 100% sure there is very simple way to do this.

As example let's use PreviewSphere from Substance Painter2 - Now on top of everything i need to add some details (Normal) that need to easy change color. For my details i choose to use Texture Vent_36 that it's inside SP2.

I add Fill layer with Paint Effect and paint it there - as its on TOP everything is affected so i need to use Mask. But how to get this mask on complicated  Normal like this Vent_36 - I tried to somehow COPY this Paint effect and place it under Mask and just change Levels if needed but can't copy it. Painting by hand all that angles and tiny details is gonna take ages.

When i try paint on mask by hand, brush always cover area im painting so i spend another few min on fixing. Also tried to place same Texture into Grayscale while painting on mask but it also have bad effect.

Tried to export my normal map and palce it into Normal channel to use "Fill" particle system - also not so good way.

Watched few video on YouTube but nothing about this :(

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: mood pack
 on: March 27, 2016, 09:25:09 pm 
Try add Opacity channel.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: mood pack
 on: March 27, 2016, 06:38:18 am 
As for me, I also choose Fantasy Knight Moodpack, so big thanks... but do not worry, I ll buy also the other one... but here is my question... in fantasy knight moodpack there those tools for making holes into something, but how are supposed to work? it will not make any transparency, only surrounding damage around the hole... so how the hole itself can be made with those tools? THNX

Im trying figure it myself... and im already out of idea's.

I can get black color inside only if i enable color map on tool, but this give me white circle around it

But for now i just workaround by painting black color on layer that is under tools.


OK im stupid, everything is OK with Tool. Just see reasult in IRAY(F4) or change Shader to PBR-Metal-Rough-with-alpha-blending inside Viewer Settings.


I'm also Blender user and i dont have problem like this.

Only thing that come's to my minds is reversed normals.
From screenshot im 80% sure You just mirrored copy of meshes by [ S (Scale) - 1 ] so they have flipped normals.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - Re: mood pack
 on: March 19, 2016, 12:30:04 am 
For sure not.

It would be like: We are sorry for high price, as apologize we give You back 25$ but also we take 50$.  8)


"As a treat, users who purchase Substance Painter 2 before April 15th will receive a free Moodpack (value: $49) from the new Substance Store (The coupon for the Moodpack will be sent within a week’s time). Substance Store is a new place for you to find content from curated vendors and is making its first appearance today.
You can get a glimpse of the Moodpacks here."

Yeah also got email, not like it was problem for me. 

Its just another thing that make's me love allegorithmic <3

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