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I just did a quick test based on Wes suggestions and the performance is still pretty bad.

Using the Abyss sample file
painting on a new layer color only, no post effects, with no other layers in the scene, viewport is low rez, and solo view and I was getting the same slow performance on 4k and 2k.  Very slow.  Even switched to 128 and it was pretty bad.  Switched to another project, and 2k was pretty responsive, but 4k process every single paint stroke.

its still very slow at 4k.  Just loaded up one of the samples, set it to 4 k, deleted all the layers and only painted on a fresh layer.  Every brush stroke was recomputed.

We are seeing the same thing.  We can paint at 2k with a somewhat workable speed, but as soon as we bump to 4k, every stroke is processed, creating a unworkable environment.

Intel Xeon x5660
26gb ram
geforce gtx760

Im getting the same issue on my laptop with a 770m.  I have forced painter to use the nvidia card instead of the built in intel chip using the nvidia control panel.

is there anyway to have a image maintain its aspect ratio when using it as a stencil?  I have some images that are not square (1200x463 for example) and show correctly in the texture shelf.  but when I use it as a stencil it shows as a square image and is not showing at the correct ratio.

this also seems the case when I drag and drop a non square image onto the diffuse channles

I have my filter parameters window detached and on a second monitor.  I cannot drag and drop Effects, stencils, etc.  If I doc the window back to my main monitor, drag and drop works again.

Im seeing a issue in beta 12.1 where the mask do not disable when I disable a layer with a mask. Looking at the different channels(C hotkey) the mask are disabled, but when looking at the pbr render (M hotkey) all the masks are enabled.

is there a list of supported graphic cards for painter.

Im running painter on my laptop with a geforce 770m and it says its not supported.

I was working in painter and experienced a crash to desktop, now when I try to load my project, the viewport, layer stack is blank, however, my textures that I imported show in my bins.  Anyway to fix this?

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Discussions - map export workflow
 on: September 24, 2014, 02:27:41 am 
is there anyway to pack channels?
with our engine and shaders we usually pack the the metalness, roughness and maybe even the height into separate channels of a .tga.  Is there any plan for something like this in the export dialog?

scratch that, adjusting the blending of the higher layers height from ldge to normal fixes the issue

just downloaded beta 9 and I believe I've found a issue with fill layers.

1. create a fill layer and apply a stencil material with height information.
2. Create another fill layer and apply another stencil material.
you will see the height info from the lower layer showing through onto the higher layers even though none of the other attribute (diff/rough, etc.) from the 1st layer doesn't show through.

thanks.  It was a feature that we use allot here.

yes, in older versions you could use the custom stencil image on a mask.

is there anyway to remove a texture out of a project?

When ever you make a change to a texture's source, does it automatically update in the project, or is there a way to replace a texture?


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