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that doesnt seem to be the case, unless the posistion map is wrong.

This img is the position map that was baked in substance designer.

Here is the effect applied, youll see in the highlighted area the drips are going up and down, should be left and right.

Here it is in 3d view

make sure that if you are baking your normals maps in designer and using opengl, you need to set it to opengl in painter in the Project Configuration section.  If you use Direct X then set it to Direct X.  Usually if you use maps baked from Xnormal, it bakes in opengl.

while your at fixing the rust effect.  Any chance you can expose the drip direction.  If the UVs on the object are not setup with the height of the object going 0-1 on the U the drips will appear sideways.

is there anyway to access the source of the matfx and materials in painter.  There are somethings that would be great to tweak or improve upon.

painter only exports the maps, you can use the .fbx that you loaded into painter and use it in any 3d app that supports .fbx

thanks, ill give this a try

Has anyone had any luck in baking a curvature map for painter using xnormal?  Ive tried using the monochrome setting on the curvature options but the map has allot less detail that what Substance Designer outputs.  I cannot use Designer since we don't have a production license for it (currently using the 30 day eval version), so I need to resort to xnormal.


after updating i saw no difference with painting in 4k.  Its still very slow.
If I paint without the hightmap enabled its a little faster, and If I only have color enabled its very fast, but once you turn on height, its very slow with painter calculating every stroke.

is there a changelist for 1.01.505?

like Nicolas said, this is normal and is used for bleeding on the seems.  You dont want to mask this out because when the texture mips down, you will get seems in the rendered image.  If you look at other 3d paint packages like Maris, they do the same thing.

also, if you didnt want to create an ID mask, your layout is simple enough just to create layer masks in Painter.

Im working in a multi monitor setup and have detached my shelf layers and tool panels and moved them to a separate window.  When this happens, you cannot drag and drop textures and substances from the desktop to the shelf, drag and drop from the shelf to the tool panel and you cannot drag and drop layers to rearrange them.  Once you doc all the windows back to the main UI window, you can drag and drop.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Re: No PBR mode?
 on: October 16, 2014, 07:45:23 pm 
by default you are in pbr. 
Material = PBR or what ever render you are using. 
Solo = that channel only (Color, Height, etc.)
Mesh Normal = Shows mesh normal map

crashwatcher is not terminating after painter closes.  If I run painter 5 times there are 5 crashwatcher.eve running in the Windows Task Manager eating up memory

Intel Xeon x5660
24gb ram
geforce gtx760 2gb ram
driver version 340.52

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