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Something I've run across as difficult to do is to draw curves in SP. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm rubbish at drawing curves freehand so any tips would be appreciated!

Hi, I have sent a bug report by email, but after thought I should post here too in case anyone has already come across this and can give advice.

I have noticed and been able to reproduce an unwanted effect when painting on a mask.

Here's an example (.jpeg attached) There are two layers:
Bottom fill layer (Green)
Top fill layer (Dark Red)  with black mask

When I paint on the mask to reveal the top layer (dark red) , near to the edge of the mask brush stroke area you can see pixelated areas of the colour of the dark red texture coming through onto on the green layer  - so there is no clean dilineation between the masked and unmasked textures.

As I said, I've been able to reproduce this and the attached .jpeg example was using default SP materials. I've also seen it with custom materials.

- The texture was exported in this example as .png but I've also seen it on .psd file converted to .jpeg. Textures were exported at 2K.

- I also checked the mask brush settings - pure white, hardness 1, no jitter (and I've tried gaussian and disc brushes) 

- Using trial version 2.0.4

- The problem does not show up in SP viewport but shows clearly in Daz Studio, which has an Iray renderer. I have seen faint traces of it looking in Solo mode in SP and in photoshop, it's barely visible though. So even if I was to paint over these areas new problem areas would appear because it's always near the edge of the brush stroke. It probably wouldn't be noticeable if rendering the object at a distance, but is no good for close up work.

It's very annoying. Is there a solution? Might be a deal breaker to buying SP.

I've found a work around by exporting as .psd then saving as .jpeg in a paint program. I wouldn't have expected the .jpeg export from SP to be as bad as it is. I'll try and get a log file posted soon.

Thanks for the info. There's no such option I've seen in Daz Studio.

Thank you:)

I notice that the channels in the TextureSet Settings have different colourspaces(?) e.g Base colour  = SRGB8, Mettalicity = L8.
I've not come across some of these before (L8. L16F etc.). Could someone give me an idea of when these should be changed please? I want to export .jpeg textures for use in Daz Studio so was wondering if I need to change any of these. Is there any documentation on this anywhere, I couldn't find any.

I exported some textures today at 2K resolution, jpeg format and found they were very pixelated and looked bad. I am using them in Daz Studio, and checked them in Photoshop too, and it's definitely the maps. I then exported them as .tiff and they looked okay. However I want to export in .jpeg - is there a solution to this please? They looked fine in SP before export.

I've been playing with the trial version and love it. I want to buy SP soon. I've created some SP files I've been working on and would like to know if these will get overwritten when I move to the paid version. Is it a case of reinstalling SP for the paid version or can I just activate it to paid version via the Activiation Manager in SP, so essentially it remains on my PC as is?

Hi, I've been playing around with Substance Painter trial and am loving it! I took a look at the tool shelf today and it looks really useful. I was wondering how do you go about making items for it. For example I would like to make more bolts to add detailing to my designs. Is this something you have to have Substance Designer for? Or could I make bolts etc. in Photoshop and import them?

Thanks very much Fabian, I'll try filling the UV space with one face, that might well work.

I'm interested in using Substancer Painter, but as well as texturing models I would like to make some generic textures that I can use in other applications as to textures models or use the maps for shader creation. So for example if I wanted to make say a wood texture that I could apply to any furniture model I have in other apps (e.g. daz studio, blender, poser)

But I'm wondering how to start doing this in SP as normally you import a model to work on. So using the same wood example I wouldn't have a model to bring in to create the wood on. Should I do something like just import a sphere or plane, some other primitive object and use that? Or would that cause problems with the maps because of the sphere's UVs? In something like Daz Studio I would be using the model's default UVs and then plug in the textures where I need them (colour, roughness etc.).

I'm new at SP (trying out the trial at the moment) and I haven't used a 3D paint app before, so any advice would be appreciated.

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