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Substance Alchemist - Discussions - Re: Alchemist Save As
 on: April 06, 2019, 06:42:13 pm 
Thanks, Baptiste!  It would be helpful if right-clicking on a material provided a contextual menu with various options, such as Save As.

I agree, or have the standard File drop down at the top for save options, as you usually find in software. I've already added this as a feature request if anyone wants to upvote it:)

I've got access to the beta and I'm loving it! Very easy to use interface as with all the Substance products and the results are great. I've been able to create materials with scans made on just a regular printer scanner with really good results! I'm so impressed:)

There are a couple of minor things I would like to know though:

• Is there a way to save work in progress so I can come back to it later to finish it, just like you can in most programs. I can't see any Save As option anywhere? It's a pain to have to always try finish work in one sitting as it's not always possible to do that.
• Could we have some kind of numerical reference or input for the rotations on things like the tiling bounding box, so that you can see/choose the precise angle?


Great news, music to my ears regarding perpetual licenses! Let's hope it stays that way!:):)

Now that you have the resources of Adobe have you considered making a 3D modeling and Sculpting tool? Autodesk could use some competition.

Now that we are in Adobe, we can definitely expand the scope of what we can do  ;)
Wow, yes if you create a modelling/sculpting tool of the same standards as the other Substance products I'd definitely be interested in using it! Doesn't hurt to have some competition in the market:)

Thanks very much!!

I've only recently purchased Substance Designer and am just finding my way round it. I'm still very green! I'd like to import a texture I made outside of SD into SD to use in a substance I'm building, but I can't find out how to do it (searched the web etc.). Can anyone help please? Also, if it is possible are there any file type restrictions (.png/jpeg grayscale etc?).


I agree. This thread has become a bit inflamed and hard to watch. I get that people are upset (as am I... Im not an Adobe fan at all for many reasons, and HATE subscription software with a purple passion) But alleg doesn't really deserve the amount of venom that's being thrown in their general direction.... all of which is based on what people FEAR will happen... not whats definitely going to happen. To this point, they've always had awesome customer service. At least give them the benefit of the doubt, and respect for how they've been thus far.

Also, I doubt they'd kill the perpetual licenses. Not even just because I don't believe either company is THAT malicious (I mean, we all still have and use CS6) but I'm pretty sure that would be a legal mess.

I think we should all just take a wait and see approach. I know its hard, but hey, you know... maybe it won't turn out the way we all fear. If they do go sub only under CC, u can always stick with what you've got now and not buy in.

+1 from me too. It's done and dusted. I was shocked an upset at first too. I think Allegorithmic probably get the overall feeling now. My advice to anyone, get a perpetual license if you don't have one and let's see how the rest plays out. You never know, down the road we might all be surprised!!

This just in about Quixel:

Teddy, Quixel founder, posted another of his heartfelt letters to his supporters on their closed-to-the-public facebook account (which someone re-posted on reddit). Basically saying Suite 3 will be standalone, it's being currently worked on, they're running out of cash but still managing. He also has indicated getting no support from Adobe when they reached out to them for issues with their existing toolset with a particular version or update to Photoshop. Basically unresponsive. (But no indication in the letter how this relates to Adobe getting in bed with Allegorithmic.)

Well, if they can release it sooner and fill the void. Attract all the disenfranchised ex-substance users into one camp again. That would help bring back "happy days" again for this particular community.

Sounds to me like Adobe decided to focus on Allegorithmic and leave Quixel in the dust. A stand alone sounds inviting, and Quixel have an opportunity to grab some of the market now, but their website is shocking for explaining what DDO and NDO software do (basically it doesn't). Their main focus seems to be MegaScans, Mixer and Bridge.  Oh well, their loss...

I'll stick to the version of SP I have since I have perpetual license (as long as that remains 'perpetual'...).

Hi Everyone, ...

Here is the key difference. This was not just an acquisition, where Substance is being absorbed and later discarded as we have sadly seen happen many times in this industry. This was an acquisition to bring the entire Allegorithmic team and Substance toolset on board to lead a new 3D initiative within Adobe. We are in charge of this initiative. And this is a very unique opportunity for us to grow and yet retain everything that we are. That opportunity is extremely rare. It's nonexistent in fact anywhere else. This is the only reason we would agree to this deal with Adobe. We love our team and we love our users. 

Thanks for your comments Wes. If things are as you say they are (and remain so going forward) it's a great opportunity for your guys, and I will be excited to see what new ventures you guys come up with. I'll try and be optimistic! I want Allegorithmic to continue as a team and succeed, because you produce awesome software and I do feel you care about your users.  I definitely want Substance Painter to continue to succeed (please please please!!!). I sincerely wish the team all the best for the future, may you go from strength to strength !:)

Same problem here, get the password/email error message. It has begun..... :(

I'm actually shocked at some of the earlier comments in this thread, particularly the ones advocating the deaths of Allegorithmic staff. Pretty sickening really. Those people should be ashamed.

I've read every page and didn't see any death threats. Were they removed?

One of the team mentioned it somewhere that they had received death threats. I know a lot of people are upset but that's really messed up and the Allegorithmic team don't deserve that. As much as we might not like their decision, I do believe they are genuinely doing what they believe is best to take the development of their products forward, and past the anger I think we should at least wish them some success going forward.

Which reminds me...this thread (and I how I felt getting the email) reminds me of the 7 stages of grief (a version of):
1.Shock & Denial (reacting with numbed disbelief and perhaps denial)
2. Pain  (mostly pain it seems from the reactions, lets hope it's temporary)
3. Anger
4. Depression, Reflection
5. The upward turn (the depression begins to subside)
6. Reconstruction and working through  (seeking solutions to the problem)
6. Acceptance & Hope (eventually accepting the reality and finding a positive way forward)

 ;) :) :)

This is sad news.
I do not share the general animosity towards adobe or even its subscription model, and I do not claim to be able to see the future of Substance. But I do have a problem with large shareholder owned tech companies buying more and more smaller, potentially competing companies. I think if our politicians were doing their job, acquisitions like this should be prevented by anti-trust laws. Mergers and acquisitions by ever larger monopolies are not ""exciting news" for customers - competition is.

Absolutely. We are given less and less choice of who to choose from for products.

At Adobe, what will not change is our passion for making great products, our attachment to our core values, our respect and care for our customers, an absolute focus on quality and support, and the high standards we strive for. All of the values I see in Adobe, in fact.

I have to disagree with that last sentence (actually, I laughed out loud - have you ever experienced Adobe customer support ? ? ? ? ? ? ). I think there's a big mismatch between Allegorithmic's values and implementation of those, and Adobe's....

We totally understand your fears, and we were expecting such reactions.
We chose to go and work with Adobe (nobody or nothing forced us to do this) because we truly believe this is the best move to still help rock the 3d world. We obviously talked a lot with Adobe people before doing this move, and we know that it's now our job to show you why we did it. We don't expect you to take any words for granting, this is by our actions that we will show you why we did it :)

Thank you for your comment. It can't be nice having to read the numerous negative posts. I don't doubt the intentions of the team to keep striving to bring us great products, as you have done for years, and I truly do wish the team all the best and continued success going forward. I want your products to continue to go from strength to strength, because they are so awesome.

However, the problem is, and what my fear the most it,  you don't have the final say on how anything goes anymore. You no longer have that luxury. Adobe is your boss. That's the reality. And you were Adobe's competitor. My guess is they bought you purely so they could eliminate that competition and retain the lionshare of the market in their own name, not for some goal of helping Allegorithmic software continue with the vision of the founder(s), keeping the team together or whatever else.   You guys may have all the best intentions in the world, and I believe you do, but if you don't have total control (which you don't now), then you can't be sure of, or promise, anything...


You can read Allegorithmic's comments in the thread on polycount, it appears to be fully amount money (when are these deals not about money?):

His certainty that nothing will change astounds me. Right now, their offices are not changing, no-one is leaving. That is right does not mean it won't change in a few months. Adobe is now the boss. Therefore they will make the final call on things, not the Allegorithmic team and it may not be what the Allegorithmic team wants.

Modern history is littered with examples of major changes after takeovers. Oh they may promise right now to support the Allegorithmic team's vision, from software to customer support, to not change a thing...but give it some months, even a year or two and the changes will most likely come. None of the team's positions can be assured. They never are in a takeover. And how many times have you heard of company heads of the company bought out resigning or being 'pushed out' shortly after the takeover?? Why does Seb or any of the team assume this won't happen with Adobe? (Not saying it definately will, but you can't be sure it won't! Past experiences of other companies shows this is generally what happens.)

Sigh.... I am really incredibly sad at this news. Substance Painter (and B2M) is the best software I have ever purchased. I absolutely love it and wouldn't want to do my projects without it. It is really valuable to me as a texture artist.

I fear that SP and other Allegorithmic software will eventually be integrated into Photoshop or included as part of their cloud package - this rarely works well for me (can never get their updates to download correctly - the only software I have bought that gives me headaches!) and their customer service is pretty awful in my experience. So this is NOT an experience I am looking forward too! And heaven knows what kind of licenses will be cooked up. I hope the prices are not going to rise!

You are effectively giving Adobe a monopoly on the market. Thanks.

I feel that Allegorithmic had really cornered the market in 3D texturing - lots of company's, freelancers and hobbyist are using your software. Why did you need to sell out to Adobe? I really don't understand the decision...

So another take over by a big company of a smaller one - happens all the time (sadly) and things ALWAYS change - staff get fired, products are taken off the market, mediocre sets in. To say it won't change I think is a bit of wishful thinking. I don't wish to be pessimistic about this, but as it's Adobe I am. I hope I am proved wrong!!

I am so very sad at the news :'(  :'(  :'(

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