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I just Bought the Black Friday subscription for 1 year. But when I look at the download page it says that the downloads are only valid until 6-12-2020. That is not a full year so I am wondering why it doesn't say 11-29-2020?

That’s american format. It means December 6.
There is 1 year + 1 week of grace period to renew your payment.


What I’m saying is that the offer you subscribed to last year is different to the one we have this year.
Just cancel your offer and purchase the new one if you prefer it better :)

Feel free to reach if you need any help.


Thanks for reporting for the link, we are gonna fix this!


Substance offers are subscriptions with auto-renewals, up to the moment you cancel them.
You subscribe last year to an offer, with rent-ro-own, with an annual price of $239. It was discounted for the first year, and then it auto-renews at $239.
You can cancel it at any moment in your account.

The prices displayed on the website are for a new offer, with no rent-to-own. You can cancel your current offer and benefit from the new one offered for Black Friday.

Please feel free to send an email at if you have any question regarding your account or a refund. Our team will be happy to help.


I went on Steam today (, and I got greeted with:

"At the request of the publisher, Substance Designer 2019 is no longer available for sale on Steam."

So does that mean that I can't buy Designer perpetual anymore?

The 2019 version is not available, because we released the 2020 version :)

It really feels like you are just turning the software into a gateway to extract MORE money from the user base.

It's actually the contrary. The subscription is what allow us to offer more to users, to constantly bring value.
See it this way:
- in 2015 for $19.9 per month you had Painter / Designer / B2M
- end of 2016 we added Source, for the same price
- in 2017 we added SAT, same price
- in 2019 we added Alchemist

 This is how we see Substance: keep bringing more value to users, as often as possible.

This year we even reduced the annual price to $219 instead of $239.
And for users who have had perpetual licenses we have been offering a special price for $9.95 for 6 months in the last 3 years. And special deals at Black Friday.

For users who are not interested in Substance, and just need either Painter or Designer, they can purchase it on Steam.

@Kidd Kosmonaut You can still upgrade your perpetual license in your account until October 2020, and you can take advantage of the sale to do so this week.

Hey Jeremie, sorry that I have to ask again :D I am currently almost a year into my subscription. Do I understand it correctly that if I take the deal today to pay for an annual subscription and stop my currently running monthly subscription, I can still do the perpetual license purchase anytime before Oct 2020?
If that's the case I'd grab the deal :) Thanks!

You can get the perpetual licenses for $49 *at the moment you cancel* your current subscription.
If you wan the Black Friday deal for the subscription, you will probably want to cancel your current monthly one, and thus pay the $49 today. Once it's canceled, you can't benefit from it anymore.

So I want to just go back to my previous comments about grandfathering in the current maintenance scheme.

Why is the option for me to renew my maintenance being taken away?

I purchased the software with having the ability to renew my maintenance in mind. If this was not an option or I was aware that this option was going to be taken away I would never have purchased it in the first place.
I am not interested in renting my software, but losing access to updates will completely kill the viability of the products I bought.

With the recent announcements from other companies regarding updates or the price of their software I would really like some comments from the substance team on why they are taking a much more anti-consumer approach to their licensing?


You can still renew your maintenance, we didn't take anything away.
Just log on your account and click on the "Upgrade" button to see your options.

Please contact us at if you have any questions.



Sorry for the trouble.
Can you please send an email to


Yes :)
The 2020 release will be available by the end of the month, and the synchronization will work.


So you're saying if I link my accounts together, I will be able to use the software without installing Steam? I believe the IT department at my office has blocked us from using Steam, so I could see that causing a potential hiccup if it's required for installation.

The answer is Yes, although Steam is only for Indie offer (< $100K of revenue).

If you are above that limit please contact, we have lots of different solutions for professionals.



You can purchase perpetual licenses on Steam, then link your account with our website if you want to use the software out of Steam.
When it comes to the "rent-to-own", if you are already a subscriber before October 31 2019 then, IF you cancel after 12 months, you will get an option "Get a perpetual license for $49".



We are working on a fix. Please try it again in the coming days :)



Your request was received on November 5th and was transferred to legal and privacy department.
You will receive an update as soon as we have more information.

Best regards,

We are gonna fix the link for synchronization with our website in the coming days, so you will get 1 year of maintenance from the purchase date.

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