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No you don’t lose your perpetual license.
The subcription would create a new license, and your perpetual one would still exist.

Substance is separate from CC All Apps, and there is no plan to include it. It remains a separate purchase.


We identified the problem, it seems to happen when there is a corrupted file in the folder.
We will issue a fix early 2020.

In the meantime, here is what you can do:
- open the log (in ProgramFiles/Allegorithmic/Substance Alchemist)
- see the latest file name that has been browsed
- remove the next one in your folder, by alphabetical order. That should be the culprit.



We confirm you should check this with Epic. They will then contact us regarding your account if needed.


Yes you can.
This is 50$ per software though.

Question 1:
I see a new subscription can be had for just $149 – that’s almost $90 less than I am paying now!  What do I do to get this?  Do I first have to cancel my existing Subscription.   Or does my current subscription continue and just roll over into the lower price.  Also – is that promo amount deducted monthly, as my current subscription is, or is this a one time payment for the entire year?

Yes, you need to cancel your current one, or you will end up with 2 subscriptions. This is an annual payment for the whole year.

Question 2:
If I subscribe to a new subscription at this lower cost – do I lose my unused Substance share points?
You probably mean Source points. You keep them :)

Question 3:
How does the buy out option work If I choose to no longer subscribe at all? I see another offer that says MAINTENANCE UPGRADE Substance Painter & Substance Designer for $50.  Does purchasing that automatically get me my perpetual license, or is there another route I have to go through to get perpetual buyout licenses for those two programs.  If so – how much is that and are they being promoted at a lower price as well.

I have read about perpetual being offered on Steam – is this the only way to redeem my buyout offer or, having been an Algorithmic Subscriber for over a year, can I get my perpetual buy out programs directly from Algorithmic / Adobe?  I have never used Steam and do not want to.
The rent-to-own option is on your monthly subscription. You can use it, at the moment when you cancel, if you have been subscribed for more than 12 months. If you don't have 12 months at the moment of cancelling, or refuse the option when cancelling after 12 months, then you lose this option.

Question 4:
Do I need to purchase the buy out perpetual licenses immediately upon canceling my subscription, or can I wait till October 2020 even if I no longer have an active subscription?  For instance, I sign up for a new subscription at the lower price but want to wait till October 2020 to exercise my buyout option as granted under the previous subscription?
I answered it above. The rent-to-own needs to be exercised at the moment of the cancellation, if you meet all the criteria.

you should write at

SubstanceSubstance - Discussions - Re: Where is the EULA?
 on: December 01, 2019, 09:30:31 pm 

I have 2 questions here
  • If I buy Substance Painter/Designer from Steam right now. They will useable now or need to wait until release date?
  • If the Steam version has ended maintenance. can I upgrade maintenance later? is it the same price as the newly buy?

For the first question Yes as you get the 2019 version in the meantime.
For the 2nd question this depends on Steam. Valve usually issue some loyalty vouchers so that you pay half the price for the new version, but they are limited in time.

my license is expired today, assume I renew it today, it would expire on Nov 30, 2020. will I be able to purchase another renew on Oct 31 2020?

Yes, as purchasing a maintenance is available 1 month before.

You need to click on the Export button on the right of the software, and chose .sbsar format :)

If I would subscribe now for the yearly plan, does that still include the offer to convert the licenses to perpetual when it ends?

No, rent-to-own is not available anymore for new subscriptions.

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