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Thank you for the reply AliSafari.

It's been an issue for a while and is still presiding across all my pcs and engine versions....Is there a fix in sight anytime soon?. Is there a forum thread that you can point me too that I should keep an eye on for fixes on this particular issue?

Lastly Is there a way of, say downloading a version of UE4 that my substance will work or changing something with my account to get the downloader to work in engine or is it a universal issue for all ue4 developers using substance source in engine?

Hi I am having the same issue and its persisted across all my new versions of UE4 downloaded since .24.
I can also download from the source website and bring in but i cannot from the engine. Different to Reederdzn I have availible downloads. I cant find anything on the forums that explain why this is happening. Could i have some assitance or solutions toward this problem.

Hi I have been having the same error with substance for weeks now. I have updated to the latest version. I'm not sure if it is on every device but it is definately happening on my laptop. I have 250 available download according to substance source in ue4. Same error across multiple engine versions (25.4 and 24.3)

Hi, Is their a fix in sight for this. We have not had access to substance for 3-4 weeks now. And there have been no notifications about this problem in any other form or post made to unreal to notify users of the issue. Is there any progress on this? Is it likely to be fixed within the week?

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