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Substance LauncherSubstance Launcher - Discussions - Re: downlaod error
 on: March 09, 2020, 09:13:33 am 
Sadly it's not entirely by choice that we just support centOS for the launcher. We have encountered several technical issues when we tried to support other linux distribution
At some point we had to make the difficult decision to just improve the quality on CentOS, Windows and Mac and leave behind, for some time, the other OS
As you may experience there are still some small bugs/issues on the launcher and our top priority is to resolve most of them ;)

Do you still have this issue ? I can see this happened to you throughout the 3rd March
At that time we may have encountered more traffic than usual on our servers and this could be the root cause of your issue
Thanks for your help

Sorry for this late answer
Do you still encounter this behaviour ? If it's the case could you please share your logs so we can review them and find the reason of this issue ?
Thanks for your help


Have you tried to authorize the launch of this software on your mac following (for example) these steps :

Please keep me informed if it helped you (and sorry for the late answer)

Sorry for the late answer, we'll start reviewing your logs and try to find out the reason of this behaviour
Thanks for your post, hopefully it will help us resolving this issue !

We've been informed about this issue a few weeks ago
We've finally been able to reproduce it and we are working on it
Hopefully it will get fixed soon, we'll keep you in touch

Could you please export your logs and share them with us ?
With these we'll be able to investigate on this matter and keep you informed about it,
Thanks for your help

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