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Trying to figure out why my normal map looks so different in unreal vs designer.  Normal map is direct X, colour space is linear, I've 'normalised' the normal map in designer,  compression in Unreal is set to Normalmap/ no SRGB. :/

image attached

Hey @c.riley,

What version of UE4 and Substance plugin are you using?

Ping...  :)
Trying to get this Substance tutorial to work, but we can't find these nodes to complete the tutorial.
Can anyone at Substance point us in the right direction?

Missing Nodes:
'GetChannel' (Step 12)
'Switch on ESubChannelType' (Step 11)

hey @jeremiah.washburn ,

Apologies for the delayed response! The process has changed since we refactored the plugin. Here is the new process to create a dynamic material instance:

Hope this helps :) Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help further!

Hi gurus,

 Im using unreal engine 4.26 for a project. When i send to substance painter from ue4 using live link, when the mesh comes from ue4 into substance painter I want to be able to use the "uv tile workflow" for that mesh so that i can paint stencils and details on etc... As standard, the mesh isnt imported using the UV Tile workflow, is there any way to change that ? i need to paint using stencils but cant at present because of the way the mesh comes into substance painter.
The image represents the workflow im looking for!

Hey @Jamesgti19 ,

The UE4 live link plugin does not support UDIMs sent from Substance Painter, it currently only works with one UV set.

thank you.

until now i was completely oblivious to the existence of the substance launcher;) very cool!


@DanH71 ,

No problem! Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions. :)

Hey @DanH71 ,

The Source button in the top pane of the UE4 window. If you click that it will open the Substance Launcher (or send you to the substance3D website for the download.

If you have UE4 open, you will see the 'Send-To' Source functionality available as seen here.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, sending a Substance sbsar to UE4 in this way will NOT give you the import menu that importing/drag and drop will give you unfortunately. You would have to right click on the Substance Instance Factory (the green icon) and create a new Graph Instance which will then give you the menu to select a material template and change the names of the material/instance etc.

As far as Displacement goes, we also have a built in material template for that too! In that same dropdown the Refraction template is, you can select the Displacement template from there. There is then a parameter in the material that if you click the checkbox on for, then you can change the displacement value.

Unfortunately, the documentation doesn't go into greater detail about some of these features. But if you have any further questions, I would be happy to help. :)

hey @Thibaud Van Vreckem ,

Apologies for the delay! It is in our current sprint and being worked on as we speak. We are hoping to get it into the next release of the UE4 plugin. :)

Hey @DanH71 ,

In the 4.26 Substance plugin, there is a built-in Refraction template for glass Substance sbsars in the import menu. (Note: If you are downloading directly from the Source window into UE4 this window may not appear. You will need to right click on the Substance Instance Factory icon and create a new instance.)

Here is an example of the default template vs the refraction template:

Hope this helps. :)

Hi there.

Glad to report that the new plugin version for UE4 is working! Thanks for getting this accomplished.

I did have to download the Substance Launcher but it indicated a 30-day free trial. I already have Substance Painter and Designer. Will I have to pay for this after the 30-day trial??

Again, much appreciated.

@gman360 ,

Glad to hear the plugin is working for you on your end! :)

The Launcher itself is free. It is a hub for all things Substance, where you can download Substance Source assets and access all of the Substance products in one place.

The 30 day trials are for Substance Painter/Designer/Alchemist versions that you do not own. You are able to use them for 30 days using the trial. Any licenses for versions attached to your Substance3d account will also show up in the Launcher in the specific program version lists.

Hope this helps! :)


my compiled project , on a mac, was getting an assertion when loading the substance plugin.

It turned out the plugin code wasn't looking in all possible places for the libsubstance_sse2_blend.dylib  and missed the Project/Marketplace plugins folder where, in my case, the lib was. I didn't do anything fancy to have it built there, mine was a simple Ue4 with substance on a mac compiled via xcode.

So to avoid moving the lib by hand in one of the supported folder in `void FSubstanceCoreModule::StartupModule()` I've replaced this

Code: [Select]

        //The plugin can exist in a few different places, so lets try each one in turn
FString prefixPaths[] =
FPaths::Combine(*FPaths::ProjectPluginsDir(), TEXT("Runtime/")),
FPaths::Combine(*FPaths::EnginePluginsDir(), TEXT("Runtime/")),
FPaths::Combine(*FPaths::EnginePluginsDir(), TEXT("Marketplace/")),

with this

Code: [Select]

        //The plugin can exist in a few different places, so lets try each one in turn
FString prefixPaths[] =
FPaths::Combine(*FPaths::ProjectPluginsDir(), TEXT("Runtime/")),
                FPaths::Combine(*FPaths::ProjectPluginsDir(), TEXT("Marketplace/")),
FPaths::Combine(*FPaths::EnginePluginsDir(), TEXT("Runtime/")),
FPaths::Combine(*FPaths::EnginePluginsDir(), TEXT("Marketplace/")),

and now works properly.

@ilwoody ,

Glad to hear you were able to solve the problem. :)

Just to verify though, what folder did you place the plugin in? It should be in the project folder like this: *PROJECTNAME*/Plugins/Runtime/Substance

Substance in Unreal
Now available on the UE4 Marketplace


Substance Engine v 8.0.3 support
Substance Source action now accesses the Source tab within the Substance Launcher allowing assets to be sent directly to UE4
Reduced number of Substance materials processed at a time when upgrading project versions


UE4 crashes on Mac when closing the Editor with the UE4 Substance plugin installed
Changing the text parameter in a Substance Graph Instance causes a freeze and eventual crash


Substance Source workflow explained in documentation here:

- The Source button in UE4 will now open the Substance Launcher Source tab allowing for downloading and creation of Substance materials using the Send-To workflow currently implemented in some of the other Substance integrations. This functions relatively the same way as it did before where the plugin would open a Source window.
- The new Substance Source functionality is currently only available for 4.26 versions of the plugin. A fix for 4.25 will be released at a later time.

The workflow would be:
- Click on Source tab in UE4.
- The Substance Launcher would open to the Source tab. (Note: If the Substance Launcher is not installed, the Source tab will open to a link for the Substance Launcher download on the Substance3D website.)
- You can then browse the Substance Source catalogue. You can download to the desktop, or if you have UE4 open, a UE4 icon will appear when you hover over a Substance material. Clicking this will send the downloaded Substance Material to UE4 for you and create a UE4 asset/material.

As always, if you have any questions or concerns/issues with the plugin, please post below and we will help! :)


The Save button in the top-left of the substance editor window in the UE4 plugin doesn't work. In fact pressing it breaks things because it prevents the source asset ever being saved. So although the bulk data is updated causing the texture to immediately update in editor, the next time you load the editor the texture will have reverted. You need to add this to FSubstanceEditor.cpp (and add the equivalent header of course):

void FSubstanceEditor::SaveAsset_Execute()
   Substance::Helpers::RenderSync(GetGraph()->Instance, true);


Hey @Simon Hobbs ,

Thank you for the info. I'll pass it along to the devs. :)

I have the same problem! When will you solve the problem? because I bought a license specifically for my project. and the project will not keep you waiting !!!

@magiccinema ,

We have a solution for the issue, and are in the process of submitting it to Epic for approval. In the meantime as a workaround, you can download your sbsar files from and import them into UE4 as any other asset (drag and drop or right click - import).

Hi there guys,
I'm using NvRTX caustic branch of unreal from Nvidia,and as you can guess I can't download the plug in from epic store..
So if anyone can kindly please share the files for 4.25.3 plug in for me so I can build it with VS and use the plug in,I would be flattered.
Thanks a million in advance.

Hey @Amir Crysis 0 ,

If you download the Epic Games Launcher (and download the plugin from the Marketplace), the plugin files can be found within C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_4.25\Engine\Plugins\Marketplace\Substance .

These can then be copied/pasted within your custom project in the folder structure as such (you may need to create the Plugins and Runtime folders): \PROJECTNAME\Plugins\Runtime\Substance .

Hope this helps :)


I was using Substance Painter live link for one my UE4 projects and so whenever I try to bake my high poly onto my mesh, the results are completely transparent, I get no baking information or a log error whenever I try this

I tried baking the mesh into a brand new Substance project without the live link and it worked perfectly, so I know there's nothing wrong with the meshes.

I am using:
Substance Painter v 2020.2.2 (6.2.2)
Unreal Engine v 4.25.1

Hey @Anthony D. ,

Just to make sure, is the bake not showing up correctly in Painter or in UE4? If you could post detailed repro steps so I could reproduce it on my end that would help also. :)

As far as I know, Substance UE4 Live Link only sends texture data, and that data is propagated into a material in UE4. Any modifications to the mesh or bakes done within Substance Painter will not be reflected in UE4. We have had a few reports about issues similar to this and have a ticket in to look at adding this feature.


The bakes don't show in both Substance or Unreal. So bakes don't work in live link? If that's the case, I'll just bake in a separate file.  :)

@Anthony D. ,

Correct. I believe this is the case.

Bakes should still work fine without live link, but it seems there is something interfering within the livelink part of the plugin or not transferring all the project data from Painter-UE4. I will make note of this issue in our current ticket. :)

Thank you for the reply AliSafari.

It's been an issue for a while and is still presiding across all my pcs and engine versions....Is there a fix in sight anytime soon?. Is there a forum thread that you can point me too that I should keep an eye on for fixes on this particular issue?

Lastly Is there a way of, say downloading a version of UE4 that my substance will work or changing something with my account to get the downloader to work in engine or is it a universal issue for all ue4 developers using substance source in engine?

Hey @Julian Haysom ,

Firstly, apologies for the long wait on a fix for the issue. We are working on a solution that would allow for users to download sbsar files directly into UE4 as it did before. We hope to release it to the marketplace soon. I will follow up with you here when it is released. :)

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