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Hey guys, I've just finished with my entry:

Good luck for everyone!

(SOLVED) Hello,

I have an issue with Iray since the last update:

For some reason some of areas turns to flat white color. This only happens while I'm in rendering mode. Can anyone help me?

Edit: Finally I've solved it by removing a smart mask and applying it again by ctr+Z.

WIP 03 - I decided to design an abstract leather pattern, finished up with the stitching, added bump to the leather sections and worked on the back-top part design.

A cool idea and hand painting skills!  ;D


I'm new to this program. I've watch the tutorial on activating post effects, but I cant seem to get the light bloom to work. It just puts a glare on the entire image. Help!

You have to set the emissive intensity to a higher value in the "shader settings" tab too. Hope it helps you!  ;)

WIP 02 - I've added some details and created a custom procedural tire material in Substance Designer.

Hi everyone,

What an exciting contest, I hope you all having fun!

Here is my first wip:

I've just finished with the design phase but still so much to do and polish. My idea is to create a luxury-futuristic car design.

Thank you all guys! Good luck for everyone  :D

You can see more from my entry in my Artstation:

Top job.  The presentation is very clear.
wow , i like this material, I'd love to add it in library.  :)


Really interesting, well done!

Great!  :D

Nice work, you've definitely captured the shapes and the cracks accurately. Good luck!

Thank you! Good luck for you too ;)

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