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Hi, does anybody know how you would create texture from a material like e.g.  (soft concrete in SP) in substance painter albedo/roughness/normal/ao.
Now I'm creating a plane and then assign the material to the plane.. Then I export this out in SP. It does work, but isn't there an easier way?

I also looked into substance player I could load in the sbsar file.  What the best way? to get out the tilling texture in SP.
Or do you need Alchemist for this? Thanks so much for the info.

Hello all,

I have question regarding doing designs on shirts. I have seen some stuff
like using stencils with alpha and color base. (like logo print on shirt)

What about doing more complex stuff like strips or certain complex paterns/gradients.

How do you approach this? do you use brush tools with perhaps procedural alphas/tilling
 and masking things? stacking up you're layers. Guess doing this on the 2d view would work best. Ofcourse setting up you're uvs correctly will help for painting.

If anybody has any good tips that would be great.

Thanks in advanced.



Thanks again for explaning the workflow between SubstanceSource to Unreal.

@KG Thanks for the info. Does it mean you have create a folder you're self, then export out of SubstanceSource so the
materials and graphs+textures get stored into that folder?

It doesn't create a folder on the fly when you export to Unreal? is that correct? Thanks for you're help.

@decorix  ,

Correct. Substance Source does not automatically create any folders for you. If I create a folder called "Brick" then download from Substance Source using the Substance Launcher, then my downloaded brick Substance Material + textures + Substance Graph/Instance Factory will be put in that folder.

Any other Substance materials downloaded with that folder open in UE4 will also download to that folder, unless you have another different folder open at the time of the download. Substance Source will send the download to whatever folder you have open. :)

@KG Thanks for the info. Does it mean you have create a folder you're self, then export out of SubstanceSource so the
materials and graphs+textures get stored into that folder?

It doesn't create a folder on the fly when you export to Unreal? is that correct? Thanks for you're help.


I have a question. When I'm in SubstanceSource and select a material for export to Unreal it exports the material (example Metal) into a folder, when I export second material example (wood) it also exports it to the same folder. Is this correct? Or can you export to seperate folders? Is that possible? So each material into seperate folder. Thanks in advanced.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Baking - baking issue with HP mesh
 on: September 10, 2020, 03:37:24 pm 

I'm wondering how many polygons you can bring into SP is that limited to you're system setup?

I'm asking my self now how far can I take this model / bake with my
current mid range pc. Perhaps 8 million poly in SP is working, but more 10 millions will hardcrash SP.


My specs:

12 gig ram
win 10
GTX 1050ti


Looking at you're screenshots, you wil need to add you're highpoly with ID or Lowpoly with ID to you're high defination meshes. Its currently empty.. not loading any mesh. Hope this help you.

Thanks, same here. That's how I have been doint it as well. Just wanted to check :-)

Hi all,

I have seen this tutorial recently were more FBX files are loaded into the high defination meshes. I always thought
that you loaded in one FBX file with all the HP mesh parts. That's how i have been doing it. Is this correct ? I'm using the
Match by name.

This same thing you would o for the LP meshes also use one fbx file with all the seleted parts you export from you're
3d package. Thanks in advanced.

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Baking - Mirror UV (baking)
 on: October 18, 2019, 10:02:32 am 
hello All,

I'be been testing and playing arround with Mirrored uv's few days. I have got it working kindoff ;-)
but for some reason I'm getting bad baking artifacts/strechting on some parts of my mesh.
see attached image. Also when I don't flip my uv shells it bakes out fine, but then my text (CLEAR)
is mirrored in correctly so that's not a option. What could be causing this?
Thank you.

Sorry, guys (got it working now)


I've installed the latest Substance plugin to UE., but when I export my mesh from content browser its not
showing in Painter 2019.2.2 Also the UE icon is not present in SP.

I tried this (old post) but also nothing happening. Thanks you.

Quote from: shadowt56 on December 03, 2017, 03:33:58 pm
[Script] file:///C:/Users/Admin/Documents/Allegorithmic/Substance Painter/plugins/dcc-live-link/main.qml:274: TypeError: Cannot read property 'materials' of undefined

any ideas?

Have you tried the workaround? (This is if you don't have the source fbx)

1. Right click on the asset in the content browser and go to Asset Actions - Export.
2. Make sure Collision is turned off under the Static Mesh section on the Export dialogue. (can leave LOD on or off)
3. Export the fbx somewhere.
4. Right click on the asset in the content browser again and click Reimport.
5. Choose the mesh that you just exported.
6. Send to Painter should now work.

This process will be automated in the future, but this is the current workaround at the moment.


Hello all,

I'm currrently working on a hardsurface piece and I need
to place rivits in tilling / square format.

I tried the Tile Generator, but I can't get the rivits close to
each other there isn't option for that. Even when i lower the scale
the gap is to large. Other parameters are included like offset.

Also the circle generator has not many parameters not even scale paramter.

Any advice or tips. Many thanks



I've seen a old tutorial explaning a work arround when using hardsurface normal stamps that ship
with SP when using eg.. MetalEdge wear generator. You bake out the normal maps and then re-import them
back into SP. Is this work arround still prefered? or is it better to use the new Anchorpoint. I'm just wondering :-)
Thanks in advanced (Sp.2019.2.2)

Substance Alchemist - Discussions - Alchemist and B2M
 on: September 03, 2019, 02:33:15 pm 
Hello all,

I'm wondering what the difference between Alchemist and B2M if you wanted to create realworld textures
using a imported texture?. Any info on this?


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