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can anybody say, where hotkeys were stored?
I had customized them quite a long time and would like to save them, so that I can import them on another computer or when reinstalling.

Especially as I still have a problem, where I maybe need to uninstall and reinstall substance.
(see my issue before, still waiting for feedback there)


we are new to substance painter and using SP 2017 and my shelves are all empty, after I tried to create a custom shelf.

The default location (user/documents/allegorithmic/substance painter/shelf) is existing.
But I can't see the "resources" folder.
Also I have two "Substance Painter" folders, the second unused folder (also no content inside) ist located directly in documents and named "Substance Painter 2".
Our application is the latest SP 2017 and referring to .".../allegorithmic/substance painter"

- Is there a way to reset the application to default, that I get all materials back?
(I still haven't created any own materials)
- Why can't I create a custom shelf for own materials (no document is opened and I did everything like your online description), I was creating a custom folder inside the shelf, but it doesn't show up (it's also still empty).
Strange that such a simple thing is so complicated....


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