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I am experiencing an annoying thing: At each Autosave of Substance Painter is my complete workstation freezing.

I wonder, if that can't be influenced better, that it doesn't take all capacity and stops my work
(I have a powerful workstation wit double-CPU and 2 GPU and 64GB RAM and SSD, so it is completely unneccessary).

And also it happens when I am right in an action.
I think it should come at least a sign or a countdown (a feature also known from zBrush), so that I can manage the timing, or decide if I want to be stopped for some time in my work.
And wrong seems to me, that even when I don't have changed anything it is Autosaving...

Thanks for help!

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Technical Support - Hotkey for Blur Tool?
 on: February 10, 2019, 09:33:48 pm 
Looking for an hotkey for the blur tool.
Can I define it or is there one?


Here the same problem with SP 2018.3.2
Only restart solved it...
but that's then a bug.


I have a mesh with another surface layers behind (such like clothing).
They do not intersect.
In the beginning I could work with it, but after some time the object looks corrupt.

Attached a detail screenshot.

- I am also looking for displaying my mesh as a two-sided material, in my other softwares this is just a button I need to press.
(I read about PBR with alpha blending - is that the same like doublesided?
In case, how can I apply that to my project?)


Hi there,
my Substance Designer archive has 700MB with all Maps in 4K. I did a material scanning, using 8 Highres photos.

How to  make it smaller, without getting a big loss in quality?
In the beginning I got an option box, when exporting, now I can't find it anymore.
I want to work in Painter.

I also had created my Substance Painter project in 8k. Not sure, which affect this has, too.


I am quite annoyed in Substance Painter, that I can't set the NormalMap format by default to OpenGL.

In Substance Designer it is already possible, please provide the option asap for SP, too.

I am quite annoyed in Substance Painter, that I can't set the NormalMap format by default to OpenGL.

In Substance Designer it is already possible, please provide the option asap for SP, too.

Hello everybody,
When I want to publish a SubstanceDesigner Material, I get the yellow warning:
"Warning: found graph with non relative to parent x 1outputsize parameter".

I understood from tutorials, that I have to put the Output Size before publishing on "Absolute", when I want to have 4k quality.
Is that correct? Or only for map export?
Or is this the reason for the warning? I just want to make sure to have 4k quality...

How can I generate a preview image for own created substances in SD? ("Enable Icon") I did not find a tutorial...

Thanks for explanation!

Hi Eggfruit,
great ! many thanks!!

Iís it possible to pause ViewPort updates?
Sometimes I would like to adjust severyl aprameters until I need to see what's happening.
In situations, where any change means a minute waiting time, this can make a crucial difference.
In Nuke for example there is a button, that you first create your node graph and adjust it and it only updates when you want.

I am testing Substance Designer on a very fast machine...
But I'm also a bit astonished, how long it takes and what it is missing:

Just following an official tutorial about creating material from scans (4k, 16bit), it takes sometimes like a minute to change just one attribute.
When I changed at the end the resolution (Output size), at first I could only change Width to 4096px, then come 3 minutes waiting time!
Then I was able to change the slider for Height, again with 3 Minutes waiting time!
At least the sliders should be connected, like you know from Photoshop "keep ratio", because the first 3 minutes were completely wasted, as I of course don't want a material with 4096px x 256px !
My computer uses only fastest SSD, but most of the time it uses like 10% Memory (I have 64GB RAM) and 10 % of CPU. I also have two gtx1080ti cards. All the power seems not to help.


I am following the tutorial how to make a material scan with substance designer.
There is told, to export from Lightroom with AdobeRGB, but never it is converted thereafter to sRGB.

Isn't that wrong?
I never heard that we work with AdobeRGB, because sRGB is standard.

Thanks for reply!

Great, deleting that file fixed it.

I had a short look at the new Substance Designer, and I can say you did good improvements for usability,
but you forgot the most easy to solve and most important feature, that even Photohsop has since the very first day:
While I am playing with settings of output sizes of different nodes, I find my self all the time adjusting slider for Width, then adjusting to the same value on Height which also unneccessarily takes some time and concentration.
And what's the second bad thing about it, therefore I can't get an quick comparison "before-after", because while I try to bring Height at the same position as Width, the Viewer has already updated!!!
How is it possible, to work over years with a team of skilled scientists on getting the most out of performance, but not to have that basic option?
And in 99,9% of tasks we want squared textures! I really don't get it...

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