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Just to make sure I understand correctly.

I have until Oct 31 2020 (13 months from today) to switch my sub to a perpetual license. Then I also have to purchase updates to said perpetual license before that date.

Can I purchase more than one year of updates at that time, and, Why are you not including Substance Alchemist as part of the Perpetual licenses? I really liked the flexibility of your old pricing options  :<

For the first question, yes exactly: you have until this date, and you can buy the maintenance at the same time.

And no, you can't buy more than one year of updates.

Thanks for sharing your feedback.

I apologize for retreading the same question but to by crystal clear:

Let's say it's October 30th, 2020. I exercise my buyout option for Painter and Designer.  I can then buy maintenance right away that will extend my updates into 2021?

p.s. The removal of perpetual licenses is exactly what we feared and knew would happen when the Adobe acquisition was announced.  You've proven us right.  At least the exit terms are reasonable but I certainly won't be renewing my subscription beyond 2020.  Your rent-to-own pricing model was essentially unique in the DCC world and was the only reason I agreed to sign up for a subscription in the first place.

WOW. Way to betray your customers, Allegorithmic.

How will this affect our abilities to convert our subscription to a perpetual one?

I guarantee that Adobe is going to forcefully kill this feature. 

Ugh.  I just upgraded one of my old substance painter perpetual licenses into a Substance subscription last week with the intent of paying the $50 one year from now to convert it back into a perpetual license and then this happens.  12 months from now I'm probably screwed.

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