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You don't seem to have any subscription linked to the email you sent this message with.
Could it be that you got the subscription with another account and are connected to Source with the wrong one? It would explain why you don't see any download points

I am, of course, aware of this, and the account I use when I enter the substance source site is the one that holds the subscription. I contacted the support several times and received this same answer you gave above. However, it does NOT help.

Presently, I have a student license which I upgraded to an Indie subscription last spring. The past few months everything went flawlessly, but in December the subscription was billed without getting new source credits. The explanation I have got from the support was that the source account was linked to the "wrong" license. However, as far as I can tell the source account is not linked to a license but to an account on "". Obviously both licenses belong to the same account. How can I link a specific license, in this case the relevant Indie subscription, to the source account ? Is there a menu I am not aware of ?

Content - Substance Source - Re: Can't download sbs files
 on: January 02, 2020, 05:57:55 pm 
I am having a similar problem. I am on a valid Indie subscription. It was billed 2 weeks ago. But I am still
not getting any new free downloads and it does not matter whether I try it using the web or
substance launcher.

I my case, it still says 0 downloads. I also noticed that the recent so-called atlases are not shown in the Painter browser at all.
Looks like quite a bit of work left for the programmers early in 2020.

I do not even get the monthly 30 pts credit although my Indie subscription was charged a few days ago.
Hope we get some compensation for this, like some extra Christmas downloads  :)

I am on a valid Indie subscription and was billed a few days ago, but I am still having 0 pts for downloads.
Do not know whether this is the same bug. Anyway I think they should give us some xtra downloads for
free to compensate this failure and our need to worry about it.

This said a word of clarification would be much appreciated. I really hope NOT to see the argument
that "now that Maya 2020 has come out we definitely no longer care about Maya 2017".

In fact, most of the companies producing Maya plugins I know, like Redshift, Chaos Group, ZIVA VFX,
Nextlimit, Golaem Crowd or Renderman offer plugins for even much older Maya versions.

#ZBrush2020 is now available for purchase and as a free upgrade for existing #ZBrush users! See what’s new and find out how to get yours at

Now that's how its done boys!
That's nothing! Quixel Megascans, Mixer and Bridge now free! for all use with Unreal Engine
However, do never think that Adobe could be impressed from such news.


As of today, Quixel is part of Epic, Mixer and Bridge is free from now on... maybe Adobe will think about the whole situation?

That is exactly what I was thinking when I have seen this announcement. A nice move would be to make Alchemist also free.
However, Adobe is living on a different planet than Epic Games. Thus this will never ever happen.

Dear Galen, I cannot say anything but thank you very much for taking this into consideration.

Of course, this makes it more complicated to compile the full Maya 2017 version of the plugin. However, possibly there is a way to get at least a major part of the features from newer 2.0.+ plugins. You would certainly help some of us quite a lot.

OK, I see that even the new plugin is only for Maya 2018 and 2019...sad to see this missing interest in wishes we formulate.

I have read this out of some different peoples postings unter this youtube entry:
Thank you, although I cannot extract this conclusion from those postings. However, it is true that Adobe
officially announces that a whole country (Venezuela) cannot no longer use Photoshop etc. The Adobe license server will
not extend the subscription beyond october. This is a horrible and striking warning not to trust in subscription models.
Today they hit Venezuela, tomorrow it may be China, then the EU...

Please help me to sleep better:
Adobe seams to effectively shut down their CS6 (not cloud) using customers softwares although they bought them legally, if they don't upgrade into CC subscription.
So... how much can YOU as the former Allegoritmic team keep us protected from such a move by Adobe?
How much would an upgrade of a perpetual license cost? Only on steam? We bought the last perpetual in your store.
What do you mean when you are saying they shut down CS6 ? Any official statement from Adobe ?

What remains unclear is whether a permanent license resulting from a buyout can be prolonged using a $75 maintenance and when this prolongation needs to be ordered.

Q: What happens if I own perpetual licenses (under maintenance or expired)?

    A: The perpetual licenses you already own remain active.
    For Indie, you will be able to renew your maintenance until October 31, 2020, for $75 per application.

So yes it can be, and you will have until October 31, 2020

Thanks I have seen this before. Now here is the little detail I was afraid of: the buyout license formally is neither a license under maintenance nor an expired maintenance of an already permanent license....hope your answer still applies in this case.

What remains unclear is whether a permanent license resulting from an buyout can be prolonged using a $75 maintenance and when this prolongation needs to be ordered.

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