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I installed the latest Substance Max plugin and checked both 2018 and 2019 on install options.  Now when I launch Max 2019 I get the following error.

Error Loading Plug-in DLL
DLL <C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2019\plugins\SubstanceMax2018.dlt> is not made for this version of the program - not loading

Also, When I launch 2018 I get these errors...
Warning Loading Plug-in DLL
Core interface named ISubstance from module (null) with a duplicate id of (0x771529E3,0x00D66495) will not be registered.

Continue showing this warning?
Yes   No   

Error Loading Plug-in DLL
DLL <C:\Program Files\Autodesk\3ds Max 2018\plugins\SubstanceMax2019.dlt> is not made for this version of the program - not loading

Any ideas?

I'm seeing the same issue using Windows scaling at 125%.  It appears that Painter respects 150 and 200% scaling but NOT 125 and 175%.  Too bad since on my 16" Cintiq 100% icons and text are way too small, but at 150% everything is too big.  125% is perfect for other apps but Substance doesn't seem to like it.

8k minimum, but actually there are other things that are limiting me too.  I've already moved on to Mudbox to be honest so too late.



I recently purchase Substance Painter on steam. It seems very promising but unfortunately it has proven to be not useful for my needs due to current limitations (tex size, etc). I was wondering if it might be possible to receive credit for another app such as Bitmap2Material since I won't be using Painter for now.

Unfortunately the don't offer refunds after 30 days and I purchased it more than that long ago even though I've never used it.  It would be great if there was some way to receive software I can actually use for the money I spent.


What are the short and long term plans for stencil features?  I really hope some more advanced features are in the works.  For example...
Being able to deform the stencil image overlay.

Still trying to figure out if this worklfow is possible in Substance Painter.  Maybe I'm missing something obvious?

Here are my top feature requests...

1. Higher Resolution (at least 8k for max size)
2. Color pick from anywhere (viewport, UI, desktop) & modeless color selector
3. Clone tool
4. Symmetry
5. More intuitive FILL tools for both color and material.
6. Edge Masking based on normals falloff (
7. Cavity/AO masking

The other thing I would love to see doesn't really fit as a bullet point list item.  What I would love to have is a way to set the properties of the object's materials separately from the painting process.  The workflow I would prefer for creating texture maps is to paint each one (diff, spec, bump, etc) and not paint materials with the brushes.  The shader would be controlled via a UI panel where you adjust the basic parameters and the contribution of each map type.  Make sense?  This would make SP more suited for professional VFX work and a great companion for Zbrush.  Check out how Mari handles this.

In addition the current color picker palette should auto close when you start painting again instead of having to hit "ok".

Substance PainterSubstance Painter - Feature Requests - Edge Masking
 on: March 11, 2014, 06:36:21 am 
Any chance we will get an edge masking feature based on view normals similar to Mari's?

Also handy would be other auto masking types like AO and cavity.


Is there a way to make the bottom UI section span the entire workspace like in this image

In the current version 0.3.0 the Presets and Shelf tabs are limited to below the viewport only.  I would like to expand them go all the way across the application window.


4K will ship with 1.0 - 8k is on the horizon, so V1.1 or 2.0? ETA; I think they have said a couple of months for V1.0.

4k would be enough for certain tasks, but 8k is what I normally work at in other apps for 3d texture painting (Mari, ZB). 


I purchased SP on Steam in hopes of it being a good partner solution to Zbrush for painting texture maps, something that ZB is really poor at.  I use Mari at work and it is pretty awesome but too expensive for home use and also very cumbersome for simple stuff. 

What I'm looking for is any advice on how to use SP for a more "Texture only" painting workflow.  I don't want to deal with painting on different materials, shaders, etc.  What I desire is a straight forward way to choose which channel I am painting (Diffuse, bump, spec) and separately control the base properties of my object's material independent of the painting process.  Here would be my ideal workflow...

1. Import my object
2. Define base material properties (normally grey color and low specularity)
3. Set the res and color space for each map channel
4. Begin painting on each channel individually
5. Ability to tweak the material settings and amount each channel affects it as I go

Does this make sense?  I think all of the shader painting stuff is really cool and obviously useful for those doing certain kinds of work.  However, I am looking for creation of texture maps to later use in Vray Shaders in Max and don't want to paint materials per se.  I would prefer to paint maps only and be able to dial in the way these maps are represented in SP's viewport as I go. 


I wish I would have noticed this limitation before purchase, since 2k limit really makes it unusable for me (other than to test and play).  Will the Non-Commericial license version that those of us who purchased via Steam get access to the 8k resolution feature once 1.0 ships?  Any ETA on this?

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