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I'm having this exact same issue. There are artifacts where all my uv boundaries are. This is affecting my map bakes as well, namely curvature and normals. The mesh looks correct in various viewports (Maya, Blender, Houdini) only Substance Painter seems to be having a problem with it. Painter doesn't seem to be interpolating the normals across uv boundaries for some reason.

Hi, thank you for the feedback.
Combining UDIMs and Texture Set was intentional to give more flexibility to different kinds of users and allow some to manage their complex and heavy assets through texture sets, but of course every pipeline is different.
Having an option to ignore material assignment should not be too hard to add on our side.
We are also considering enabling the "ignore masked tile" option no matter what layer is selected, there is no technical reason why it would only work on Paint layers.

Aside from coming here to write essentially all of what relief7 already said, I also support these changes you mention.

Combining UDIMs and Texture Sets would be a great organizational feature IF painting across texture sets was possible. Currently however, having texture sets in a udim project totally defeats the purpose of using udims in the first place. Either texture sets should be disabled entirely on a udim project or, ideally, painting across texture sets should be supported.

The "ignore masked tile" option is needed on all layer types, not just paint layers. Even better would be an additional visibility toggle per udim much like there is for texture sets.

I'm so stoked painting across udims is now possible, with these few small fixes I would be in texturing heaven.

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