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I tested before on bad map bad server.
In games it runs well.
And in Substance I dont have any issues... everything works fine for me. Even Brush even sliders

My drivers I installed are this name:


correction: More testing in games. And during playing I have lags, small and also big lags....
So, for games are not so good.

just tested and

in IL2 BOS everything OK.
in MSFS2020 I see random micro stutters BUT is much more better than 20.9.1 old drivers. But not so smooth like newest 21.1.1

Results: For me usable drivers for Both gaming and Working in Substance.
Untill the AMD will publish fixed drivers for rx5700xt users, I will use this Radeon PRO drivers for Enterprise.


God Bless You !!!!

This works!!!

SO long time was looking for solution. I know last AMD drivers for RX5700XT are absolutely unusable, bcs SUbstance crashes whenever you try to move sliders.
Last working drivers are 20.9.1. but with these I had very bad fps in games like MSFS2020 for example.

This drivers work awesome in Substance and now I go to test in games

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