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tldr; Download Radeon Pro Driver 20.Q4 to fix Substance Painter crashing.
AMD Website Link: []

If you're like me and have struggled with Substance Painter crashing, and creating black pixel artifacts on AMD's new drivers then you're in luck!! I have found a solution that I hope works for all of you like it did for me!

Right now, the most stable driver from AMD is 20.9.2 (still has its problems), and anything above 20.11.xx is unstable. Go to AMD's website and search for Radeon Pro Drivers for Enterprise. These, I believe are drivers speciffically for content creation. I have just tested Substance Painter on it myself and can confirm all issues are solved for me. I'm unsure if these drivers will impact gaming so do at YOUR OWN RISK. (You can always revert back to other drivers)

I am running a 5700xt GPU and it seems to be the most common card with this issue on the forums.

I hope this helps everyone!

The image is self explanitory.

This happens when I usually apply one material ontop of another, and when changing document resolution. Also comes through when exporting textures.

The only way to fix the problem is to work on 1024 document resolution.

GPU: AMD Radeon 5700XT
CPU: Ryzen 3700XT


My Substance Painter seems to crash every time I try to use the 3D Viewport. Everything else within the software works completely fine, I can bake texture sets, apply materials and navigate the UI. Everything but the viewport.

I have recently changed PC's and have switched from a Nvidia GPU to an AMD 5700XT. I was thinking this would be the issue but can't seem to find any solutions at all.

I have tried re-installing Painter and Launcher just in case. Also all old drivers from previous PC have been uninstalled.

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