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Hopefuly this is the right place for posting this, if it is not please point me to the correct forum section thanks. I may have the chance to pick up an RTX 2080 Ti card for my PC. I was just wanting to ask here if this card would be a big benefit to have this card running Painter and/or Designer?

Currently my card is a Quadro K4200, which is pretty dated at this stage. But would getting the 2080 Ti be very noticeable while working in Substance software? I don’t own Redshift or any other GPU based renderers, but I am waiting for RenderMan XPU and it could be a good option for this. Maybe this card would fly in the likes of V-Ray GPU and the newer Arnold GPU also? I am not too knowledgeable on the graphics cards end of things so any replied to help would be great.

Thanks a lot.

Hello everyone,

This has been bugging me a little now. I am working in Designer 5.6,for the moment.

When I launch it and even just begin to do some simple things on an empty graph to affect simple box, I can hear my PC working quite a bit. I'm guessing it is the graphics card because when I open the performance window,  I don't see much CPU usage.

But I can't hear a fan working hard enough.

Any idea what is up here?



Hi guys,

I'm revisiting one of my old graphs and when I open up the file I had saved a good while back, the displacement is looking completely off to what it looked like when I originally worked on the file.

When I open the file, it now looks like the very exaggerated displaced image attached.

But it really should look like the more 'correct' displaced image in the next post..

Hi everyone,

These are kind of newbie questions. this software is so much fun to use, but just wanted to know:

1. When I import my mesh and do the bake, I get his error in the log:

[Baking] Baking failed (Color Map from Mesh)
Could not find vertex colors in mesh 'polySurface1'

Is this an issue I need to address before progressing further with my project? Or can is be ignored? 

2.  Is it normal to have a Substance Painter file size of 537 MB when I just saved my file? All I have created is 2 layers, so the stack is pretty empty. I expect when I start to work into this that the file size will be huge. Any info here would be greatly appreciated :)

3.  Has anybody here created textures to be used in Renderman 21.5 and Maya? If so, what would your preferred preset be?



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