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Hopefuly this is the right place for posting this, if it is not please point me to the correct forum section thanks. I may have the chance to pick up an RTX 2080 Ti card for my PC. I was just wanting to ask here if this card would be a big benefit to have this card running Painter and/or Designer?

Currently my card is a Quadro K4200, which is pretty dated at this stage. But would getting the 2080 Ti be very noticeable while working in Substance software? I don’t own Redshift or any other GPU based renderers, but I am waiting for RenderMan XPU and it could be a good option for this. Maybe this card would fly in the likes of V-Ray GPU and the newer Arnold GPU also? I am not too knowledgeable on the graphics cards end of things so any replied to help would be great.

Thanks a lot.


Yes, those instructions are for Painter and are relative to the TDR delay of the graphic card.
On Designer you don't really need to modify this except if you work on very heavy projects and you have lot of crashes due to a failure of your graphic card's driver.

So yes, Designer uses the graphic card as much as it can but you don't need to modify anything if you don't have crashes.

Thanks for the reply Celine. That is good to know, cheers.

Indeed we are using the GPU :)

So this is normal and nothing to worry about?

A good while back, I do remember seeing something in relation to editing some registry files, but I am nearly sure this was for Painter.

Does Designer have a similar thing that needs to be altered?

Hello everyone,

This has been bugging me a little now. I am working in Designer 5.6,for the moment.

When I launch it and even just begin to do some simple things on an empty graph to affect simple box, I can hear my PC working quite a bit. I'm guessing it is the graphics card because when I open the performance window,  I don't see much CPU usage.

But I can't hear a fan working hard enough.

Any idea what is up here?



Hello all,

Thanks to Luc at Allegorithmic, this problem is now solved. It was a very bizarre one and I am nearly certain it just just some conflict because I had both 5.6 & 2018 installed at the same time.

So, here is the solution that worked thanks to Luc.

I had to edit my registry and delete some entries. I deleted everything inside the 5_x and session folder.

Settings such as recent files (listed in file menu), layout, paths (and a few preferences) were lost, but that didn't bother me one bit as I didn't do much customization.

Thanks again Luc for your great help :)


Hi Paul,

I sent you a PM with my personal e-mail so we can plan a session together.

Have a good holiday :)

Thanks a mill Luc, I just sent you a PM there.


Cheers Eggfruit (I don't know your real name, sorry!)

I'll get a log file exported when I return from holidays and hopefully some staff reply later as you say.

Images 4 & 5 didn't upload in the previous post, must be a limit of 3. Here they are:

They changed scaling of a lot of things somewhere in the last few updates to make it more uniform between parallax, tesselation, Iray etc. So you may have to find new values to get the same displacement.

Tesselation is relative to the original polycount of a mesh. The default plane has a very low polycount, so even at a tesselation of 64 it's still not gonna look very good. The rounded cube has a higher polycount and the plane hi-res a very high polycount to start with, so these need lower tesselation factors to look nice.

Having 2 versions of designer installed should be fine. It's also fine to open older files in a newer version, but newer files in an older version seems like a bad idea (I'm not aware of any particular issues with this in designer, but for most software this can lead to corrupted files). Also, as soon as you've opened an old file in a newer version, it will be changed to fit newer formats, so keep a backup if you want to make absolutely sure you can still open it in an older version for whatever reason.

Hi Eggfruit,

Thanks for replying!

All of what you say there makes sense. But I cannot really make sense of it , in my situation. I am either missing something very obvious, or the software has got corrupted. Let me explain why this is so, so weird:

I just uninstalled version 2018, thinking it may 'correct' the issue of my files opening in 5.6. Same issues.

I uninstalled 5.6 & reinstalled 5.6 - still the same issues.

So I stripped it back to basics. I created a new scene (5.6 only installed now), fresh. Brand new.This is what I get, attached in the first image.

In image 2, this is another fresh scene with just a perlin noise plugged into the height. Is this rather bizarre to you? Why is the mesh tearing?

In image 3, thi is my actual sand project opened. With a value of 0.1 in the scale as the pic shows. I am nearly certain in my previous working file that I had this set to 0.3 or 0.5!

Images 4 shows a render I had saved out when the it was all behaving correctly, as expected.

Then lastly image 5 is the renders of the sand after exporting my maps from Designer, then got them into Maya & RenderMan.

But I wanted to revisit the file, to do some more work on it and now I am unable to do so for whatever reason. Even the uninstalls didn't fix it and I expected they would have.

Thanks - hope you and some more Tech heads in here can help.Or someone to tell me how silly I am because I haven't checked this little box somewhere haha.
Hoping to see some replies from the Allegorithmic staff, if it is a serious issue.


Feel free to chime in here guys,

Surely some of you have seen this issue also

Cheers :)

Hi Luc,

Thanks for the reply. I bought 2018 a few days back. The thing is, this graph was created in 5.6 and I re-opened it in 5.6 but it still looks different. The scale factor is set to 0.3, I am nearly sure.

Also, the Tesselation Factor is set to 64, the same setting it originally was when it looked correct.

On a side note - would the fact I have just installed v2018 have any affect on files that I want to open in 5.6? Is is a bad idea to have to different versions installed?

Would there be any conflict causing this to happen?

Just checking, but more than likely it is just a setting in Designer that I have to change in order to get it back. The thing is, I just need info on what that setting is :)


This is how it should look.

I haven't actually saved anything into the file, it is the original file I had saved before.

So some setting is 'sticking' in Designer as I had been experimenting with other graphs the past few days.

Would you have any idea how to get it back to the original state I had? I hope this makes sense how I described it!

Hi guys,

I'm revisiting one of my old graphs and when I open up the file I had saved a good while back, the displacement is looking completely off to what it looked like when I originally worked on the file.

When I open the file, it now looks like the very exaggerated displaced image attached.

But it really should look like the more 'correct' displaced image in the next post..

I was hoping someone could give some help on another question.

When I bake textures at the start of a project, does it really benefit me to have the output size set to 4096?

It's just that I notice a bit of slowdown when adding/editing materials.

Would having this set to 2048 be ideal, while still maintaining good quality?

Thanks, Paul

Thanks for replying Jeremie. I just thought that the filesize was huge for such early stages of my project. It will probably be gigabytes when I add more to it!

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