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Is there any chance you guy's will implement a warp function for projection painting? Being able to shape and warp an image to my 3D model before projection would be a game changer and save me a considerable amount time. Things that take 5-10 layers could be done in one single brush stroke.

I appreciate the your help. I did manage to replicate what you have shown me here and in SP the UV tiles came in grouped so I thought I had finally got it working, but I am still doing something wrong with the UV unwrapping process because when I imported my existing textures into a fill layer in SP they didn't not match my figure so I then just created a test texture by drawing around the eyes and mouth and bellybutton etc I then exported and they didn't match up either, it will be interesting to see if your obj gives me the same problem or not. 

Hi, I started following your instructions to the best of my knowledge but I'm still having issues with organising the uv tiles on the left. My 3D experience is with Rhino/Autocad/ and Geospatial laser scanning software.

Could you send me the obj you created with the uv tiles separated like it is in the screenshot so I can move forward and learn the painting process in SP. I have a lot of experience in Photoshop so the actual painting side of SP I should pick it up quickly, but I cant wait until I learn blender first, I need to justify paying monthly for SP before my trial runs out.

I need to play with blender more to figure out what your instructions mean but I would really like to to just get on with the actual painting side.

Could you email the obj to me here:

Many thanks.

This is great thank you, can you send me edited obj so I can also load it up and start painting. I have minimal experience in Daz so the instructions you have sent I will still need to figure out. If I have that edited obj I can get on starting to paint, then I will look into configuring it this way when I have free time.

Thank you for your time BTW.

Thank you, very much appreciated. Could you screen shot where these parameters are so I can do it myself in the future.


I have to get this to work! I have installed blender, changed all the material ID's to 'w' and it is still separating the UV's! it auto assigned '001-etc' number after so I assume this correct.

material ID's

Export option


I'll just download blender and give that a try. I've spent nearly 2 days trying to sort this and now and I'm behind on my work. So I'll try in a few days time. 

This is my .obj export settings from Rhino

But there is only 1 layer in the texture set list

I loaded my Gen2 character into Rhino, selected everything and in the material tab I renamed it GEN2, saved obj and this was the result.

So how do I change material ID?

I just exported a Gen 2 character from Daz, I didn't add any of my surface textures, Just the obj and It I still gave me the same result.

I have tried this but I must be making a mistake with the naming somewhere

Can you give me 3 examples for clarity please, Lets say I have 3 textures, they are called 'torso' and 'limbs' and 'head'

What exactly should I rename them as?


edit: If I import my .obj without any textures, it also separates all of the UV's into single sets. I'm using Genesis 2 characters.

I am still having this issue. what a ridiculous problem to have, Why is there no options to just manually drag and create groups inside the workspace. All of my UV tiles are in separate groups, the reason I wanted substance painter was so I could paint across seams. Yet no matter what I try they are all given 1001 and separated. Been trying to figure this out for about 4 hours now. I have followed this and I'm still getting separated UV tiles.


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