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I have found a less than ideal workaround.

I saved a bitmap of the edge detect and used it instead of the node itself. It worked, which confirmed that the edge detect is the issue.

This goes again the purpose of a non-destructive graph, but work for the time being. I still would be interested to know if there is a solution

Hi! Thanks again for your help.

I seems to be on the right engine on my project. Also the issue is manifesting in UE4 as well, but is still fine in designer. Weird...

This post seems to have the same issue. Did you guys find a solution to it?

Thank you for the quick response. Here is the sbs.

Hi !

I'm having an issue with designer and marmoset. In Marmoset, when I go over 1024 resolution of my imported SBSAR, the texture start looking vastly different, as If all the seeds get changed. This problem does not occur in designer, so I'm guessing it's an issue with the export.

Any idea what is cause this? I exported the file in relative to parents, but tried absolute anyway just to see, same issue.

Left is what the texture looks like at 2048, right is at 1024.

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